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World Cup Speed Draft


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Anyone want to play a world cup draft?

It'll be speed format which means there'll be a first come first served for each round, with varied start times.

Once you have your XV I'll keep up a sheet full of stats which awards them points based on tries, assist, tackles, etc. and the best team is the one with the most points after the final.

If you remember the Lions sweepstake or the 6N draft I did on Cricsim, it's the same deal.


Cricketer Of The Year
I'll join. This draft will help me get to know some of the modern players ahead of the RWC.


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Alright then guys. The first pick will be open in 10 hours' time, that is,

22:00 Tuesday - London
07:00 Wednesday - Sydney
09:00 Wednesday - Auckland

Anyone who wants to join need needs to make their pick within 12 hours AFTER that time.

Eligible players are anyone selected in the 31-man world cup squads.
Picks are permanent and can only be replaced if they get an injury after being picked.


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Alright then team, first selections are ready to be made. I’ll make mine when I get up in the morning. Happy picking ��


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That’s our magnificent seven then.

Round 1

Brumby - Billy Vunipola
Howe - Kieran Read
James - Aaron Smith
Jimmy - Faf de Klerk
Magrat - Handre Pollard
Marcuss - Owen Farrell
Steven - Beauden Barrett

Non-drafting observer state: GAS (Namibia)

Round 2 will open in 8 hours, that is:

02:00 London
09:00 Sydney
11:00 Auckland