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World Cup Betting


I'm rooting for Netherlands but I'm making a few small team bets to enhance watching. Reckon i'll put small bets on Italy at 25, France at 22, Uruguay at 28 and Netherlands at 33. Probably bad value but will be a lot of fun.

Will chuck a cheeky bet on Robben for golden ball at 40/1 as well. Suggest the same for anyone who wants to become richer. :ph34r:
The winner of Group A plays the second placed team in Group B. Therefore, it is likely that Brazil will play the Netherlands in the first game after the Group Phase. Robben is a poor choice for the Golden Ball because he might not be around long enough to make an impression.

Whoever you bet on should belong to a team who has an easier passage to the Quarter Finals.


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As I've said, I'm betting small amounts and not for value. It'll just be fun to have some incentive to watch four decent teams albeit ones which the odds say don't have a snowball's chance in hell through the WC. I'm rooting for Netherlands because I like them and have always rooted for them and know that they have a likely fixture against Brazil.

As far as the Robben thread goes, he's one of my favourite sportsmen in the world. I'm the creator of a thread named 'Arjen Robben and You'' in this subforum in the last week. I'm fully aware that he's not the best possible candidate for the golden ball but he's not even that bad value at 40/1 anyway, IMO.

TLDR - I don't watch enough football to have anything close to a sportsbetting edge on the odds and therefore am under no delusions that I'm getting great value with my punts, I'm just betting for an enhanced WC experience.


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Went for Spain and Argentina and had a free bet so put it on France.

Brazil blatantly going to win now.


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Hey Teja, was the Dutch game fun enough for you? Bet Robben's odds have slashed considerably now!


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Been chucking a few quid on most games. Had a good result to start off with 3-1 Brasil coming in, mixed results since.


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I had a $1 accumulator with total odds of like $40,000, a few parts of it came through yesterday including Costa Rica winning, with the next event being Switzerland and Ecuador drawing. Cashout offer was $400, a draw in the Ecuador game would have brought it up over 1000, but I figured since I got a fairly big long shot already that taking the money was a good shout. Went back and forth on it all day and finally decided to take the money a few minutes before the game started. Pretty glad I did given the way it ended.


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I'm loving Portugal at 16/5 to beat Germany. Germany don't look too impressive on paper and I don't think the no-striker system will work too well either.

Only concern is that a draw is alright for both teams and Portugal are naturally so negative.


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Made a small bet on Portugal at 4.2 in the morning as well. Too juicy to resist.

EDIT:- 16/5 is 3.2, isn't it?


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Mostly losses last few days but then Belgium-draw-draw came in last night at 25-1 so still comfortably up for the tournament so far