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World Cup 2011 Fantasy Cricket - Ready for your Team!


Now down to 580th on 7147 points but have managed to hold onto 105 changes after already altering my team for tomorrow's games.

I reckon another couple of days of restraint then will pile in. 13 days of games left.


U19 12th Man
98th with 8374 points and 69 modifications left.

Rather than saving all my modifications for the knockout stages, I'm trying to cash in on some easy pickings with a test side vs minnow.


I've now rallied slightly and am on 10013 points in 264th with 60 mods in the bank still.

Had a gutting day today tho: Gayle, Sehwag and Roach all non-starters and Sachin scored me all of 2.


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James, I am not sure how the system failed to give me points for Yuvraj, SRT, Darren and Pollard?

Bat 3 Yuvraj Singh (IND) 0
Bat 4 Sachin Tendulkar (IND) 0
Bat 5 Kieron Pollard (WINDIES) 0
Bat 6 Darren Bravo (WINDIES) 0
Bowler 4 Ravichandran Ashwin (IND) 0

Benn got -10 though!

I had made changes well before the game!
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Remember because games over-lap you have to make your changes before the 1st game of the day starts as per the message on the Modify Team page:

"This Competition is Open to Modifications but any Modifications made will count as Pending Changes. Please be aware that as mentioned on the FAQ, if there is more than one game in progress on a particular day, once changes turn to Pending (Red), any changes will apply at the conclusion of all matches in progress on that particular day."


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Mohammed Hafeez had 261 points from his first 6 matches put together, and then scored 141 more from just the West Indies match.


Up to 141st on 12578 ahead of the final now with 8 mods left.

5/47 in the CW league. Marc looks to have it sewn up in first, but the boss man in silver on 12765 might just be catchable.