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World Cup 2011 Fantasy Cricket - Ready for your Team!


U19 12th Man
Is there a mistake with J Kallis' fantasy cricket points or is there something I'm not seeing here?

He is down as -5 but I calculate it as -1

catch = +10
4 runs = +4
economy rate of 7 = -15

total = -1

also, is this the correct place to post this? didn't seem like it was worth a whole thread


Cricket Web Owner
Best to log a helpdesk ticket through the Fantasy Cricket section for a fast response :)

Yes there was a mistake in the points being applied this morning. Its been corrected now.


Cricket Web Owner
You're welcome to discuss any CW Fantasy Cricket related in this thread if you like.


International Debutant
ok cool. Here goes then. Made a big mistake with taking neither Sehwag or Kohli in my team for the first game. Still slowly recovering from that. Ranked 516 now.


U19 12th Man
I'm 281st, but my high point was around 200th

It all sounds great but I'm still 181 points behind my father :p

Anyway I have 152 modifications left. I'm curious to know people's position compared to how many modifications they have left. That way I can know if the people ahead of me are making better changes or just more changes.

I would like to have more changes left, but I foolishly had Yuvraj as my captain initially, but they realised that #1 he's not in great nick and #2 there are quite a few matches that he is likely not to bat in. So I changed him for Dilshan.

Cliff notes: 281st with 152 modifications left. How about you?


Y no Afghanistan flag
I'm currently in 424th position with exactly 2500 points and I now have 168 modifications left.

I have 8 players in this current Pakistan vs Sri Lanka match so I'm expecting to rise a little after the match.