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WIn a signed copy of Supreme Bowling


International Regular
Supreme Bowling, the companion volume to Masterly Batting, has just been released, presenting 100 great Test bowling performances. The book features some of the best of today's cricket writers, including David Frith, David Tossell, Stephen Chalke, Ken Piesse, Dan Waddell, Rob Smyth, Wisden India's Dileep Premachandran and of course our own Martin Chandler (fredfertang to most of you).

Answer the question below and you could win a free copy, signed by the editors:-

Of the 100 featured performances, ten were achieved at the same ground - but which ground?


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i know the ground but i'm not telling because if this signed copy of the book came into my possession it would, as an australian, almost certainly collapse


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That's a genuine answer btw, hopefully no one takes offence. That would be terrible.


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I'm doing what everyone else is and rolling through all the longstanding test venues. I am think of at least two great bowling performances there tbf


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I'm impressed by the resilience of some of our fellow posters to not take part with all of their multis