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Who's going to be the best ODI spinner in next 5 years

Who is going to be the best ODI spinner for the next 5 years?

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International Captain
Verroti - currently the best

Mendis - had am explosive introduction, but now people finding ways to play him

Ajmal - has all the elements of a top class finger spinner

Harbhajan - on-and off performance. but when he takes wickets, he demolishes sides


Noble One

International Vice-Captain
Ajmal will be 37 in 5 years time. Not much scope for improvement (or to still be playing).


International 12th Man
I have a sneaky suspicion he is yet to play ODIs or at least is not one of the options on the list.


State Captain
Hard to say Mendis is the favourite but can he be worked out? If so then Mishra would definitely be the pick.


Cricket Web Staff Member
No Hauritz?
No, he should hopefully be hit out of ODI cricket before too long. :D

Reckon Vettori should still be a top-class ODI bowler in 5 years' time TBH. Barring more back trouble, which obviously is always possible.


The Wheel is Forever
You've met me - what part of me suggests 'athlete' to you?

On the other hand, considering I'm being considered for a 'step-and-fetch-it' bowling position and not a real cricketer, and therefore athletic ability is not a requirement, I could have a shot. With that said, it'd still be ODIs - I'd just start chucking beamers at Clarke until they banned me from the format.
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International Debutant
If Dhoni has the guts to select Mishra as the first spinner ahead of Bhajji, I can see him going far...