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Who went to the games


U19 12th Man
I went to 4 games of the RWC out of the 7 at Telstra Dome in Melbourne.

Wales v Canada - ****house atmosphere considering it was only half full and it was a slight dampener on my first Rugby Test going to. That and sitting in the Medallion Club with stuck-up knobs wearing turtlenecks made me want to punch them.

New Zealand v Canada - much better atmosphere, sat up in the top deck with a $10 ticket (concession) and moved over to the wing at the start of the game. Loved the All Blacks crowd atmosphere etc and was suprised to see Canada stay with them for so long. (7-3 down after 20)

Australia v Ireland - Again in the Medallion Club and got the call up about 2 hours before the match that there was a ticket for me which I turned down coz I am smart and would have had my testicles cut off by my girlfriend but then got the call back and there was a ticket for her so I was elated. Great atmosphere and all that and we won by a point even though we are ****.

Ireland v France - Reminded me a lot of the AFL Grand Final ( :( ) the way it was over at half time (and that the Brisbane theme song is based on the Frogs's anthem) but it was still good and O'Driscoll is dead set class.


Overall - Don't enjoy it as much as other sports (AFL, Cricket, NRL) but it is something different and I went to 4 games for $10 (I love having contacts with seats in the Medallion Club) so ner ner ner ner ner ner! :D