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Who is the worst late night reasonable man


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Conan possibly has the best mind for comedy of the lot. I mean he was a writer for golden era Simpsons. Man's clearly part deity.
Despite this he's still pretty bad as a late night talk show host. Maybe proves your point about the format.


Conan is easily the best. The rest are just annoying. Fallon's "I'm going to laugh before the punchline" schtick that he's done forever that makes him endearing to some is just so ****ing annoying I can't believe he's ever been successful.
Haha to this day I cannot help but think "only I may dance" every time I see his name mentioned.

Edit: Oops, meant to reply to Athlai, but my comments stands.


Meyers is unfunny.

Colbert is damn irritating. He's easily the worst.

Noah has class, and he's funny when he has good content - which isn't very often.