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who is the english player who is most likely to get punched in the face

can't play swing, but can swing himself

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Punching a nine year old...

Btw, Bell was a useful amateur boxer, so Davey would've been coming second there had it been the Warwicks man.


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So there was a thread in the ashes forum about who will be the pantomime villain. We now know as long as he isn't sent home.
Maybe the incident has been blown out of proportion but if the reports we've had so far are true then surely there is no way he can play in the Ashes??

Even if CA decides the crime doesn't warrant a lengthy ban, he is clearly a loose cannon......a few choice words from Prior or the slip cordon and he'll either flip or just be head****ed.


Global Moderator
Voted Swann, even though I know it's Joe Root. If it happened again, think it would most likely be Swann. Reckon he'd really piss me off as an opposition player.


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tbf bells supposed to be a professional batsman so with all respect.....
:laugh: Gotta pay that Uvo....some of your finest work.

I am amused, only an Aussie could defend the indefensible (Warner) and then ****can a batsmen who just made a MOM performance against them..........I vote to change your National bird from the Emu to the Ostrich.


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Why do you want to punch people?
Ignorance is often coupled with a fear of anything not understood which in turn leads to a violent reaction

................... and on the other hand some folk are just ****s and richly deserve a slap


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Not easy taming big, awkward creatures with brains the size of a walnut.

God knows I've tried here on CW, but it isn't easy.