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Who is the best left handed batsman in the world?

Who is the best left handed batsman (tests)?

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Fuller Pilch

International Captain
Most of the current top batsman are right handers (fab 4, Marnus, Babar, Pujara etc), but who is the best lefthander? None are truly outstanding (although I’d probably go Stokes) and many are wicketkeepers or allrounders as well. Vote and discuss.
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Kane Williamson.

On a more serious note.....on paper it's Warner but it's hard to really know his current level. Otherwise it's probably Stokes.

Senile Sentry

International Debutant
I thought of including him but 1 century and 13 not outs is a good reason to leave him out. Shakib is of course a much bigger oversight.
12 scores above 50 is nothing to scoff at however. The not outs are a result of him.batting too down the order for his own good.

Senile Sentry

International Debutant
India are criminally under using Jadeja thr batsman while tolerating likes of underperformers like Rahane and Rohit for a long time now.

For a team that has broken a few glass cielings in the last series, they need to start thinking of using Jadeja in top 5 or max 6. He is wasted at 7 or down.

Fuller Pilch

International Captain
The standard of lefties is probably at an all time low (Warner probably the only true great left hander now but with doubtful form).

There are no Pollocks, Sobersses (is that a word), Borders, Laras, A Flowers, G Smiths, Haydens, Chanderpauls, Husseys, Cooks, Sangas etc