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Who Did You Used to Pretend to Be?


Cricket Web Staff Member
I'm talking about their bowling-actions. Clearly there are some aspects of the actual bowling that Vettori does better than MSP.

The second time I saw MSP (whose action was rather different to the first time I saw it) the first thing that struck me was how Vettori-esque it was. Only difference is Vettori's is rather more jerky, MSP's much more smooth.


International Captain
When you were a kid (and for those that still are), which cricketer(s) did you pretend to be in the nets/garden/street?

Maybe suprisingly, on the fields I used to pretend to be Abdul Qadir when I was a small kid (10-11 yrs old).

When I started taking cricket more serious (14-16) I liked to try and imitate Larwood.

I still think there is a little bit of Qadir 'funk' in my fast bowling action. :)
Yo ! I liked Darren Gough .


Cricketer Of The Year
People say that I bat like Dhoni, but I think they mean the shuffly part, not the hard hitting part.


International Captain
what a great thread...

As a kid I modelled my bowling action on Botham and come match day (Under-10s) thats who I was!!!! (in my head anyway)

In the back garden or having a knock about at the park, used to change all the time, coz I would get bored easily....I remember trying to be /pretending to be Roger Binny (hero), Tahir Naqqash (bizarre!!), Wasim Raja (as a bowler) and Kapil Dev...as well as the usual Lillee, Hadlee, etc , and for a giggle Max Walker and Lance Cairns.

When it came to batting, Robbie Langer (Justins uncle) was someone who I loved watching, but no way was I good enough at batting (until I was about 17) to even think about copying him...but if I wanted to score quick runs, I would get into a Robbie Langer frame of mind and all inspired by his 99* vs someone back in about 1981 in the McDonalds Cup.


Cricketer Of The Year
Ashley Giles....left arm orthodox...ala...and I looked a bit like him aswell when i was around 15...(glasses etc) then someone told me naah your more like Vettori and you can bat aswell (not that Giles can't bat but ah go figure)

battingwise? no idea...I used to pull or hook everything that came to me, nowadays I just drive the ball as much as i can and sometimes when the ball is there for it, I hook or pull...and that normally results in a 4, but it has happend to much that trying to pull a bowl end in being bowled or edging it...so i've gotten very selective with that.


International Regular
My spinner action looks like Warnies. I am a pace bowler who can bowl fast, and sometomes I let my anger go on the batsmen.


State Vice-Captain

Ganguly all the way. Still do.

Left hand bat, my natural timing is pretty good, I like using my feet against the spinners, strongest through the covers and down the ground. Also I bowl right arm mediumish.


Hall of Fame Member
You pretended to be an aloof, arrogant, self-important tosser? No harm in that, I suppose. :)


Global Moderator
Steve Waugh back when he was an allrounder. Merv Hughes with my run-up. (Now I'm apparently seeking to imitate Merv with my girth, if not yet with a moustache).