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Which Series/Tournaments Do You Really Look Forward To?


Cricket, Lovely Cricket
Me in order -

India - Australia tests
India - RSA tests
India - England tests
India - Pakistan tests
India test with any other nation
Australia - RSA tests
T 20 World Cup
Any other top 8 teams playing a test series

No interest in ODIs or T20 series.
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Any tests in South Africa (has anyone else noticed they're always the most entertaining series?)
World Cup
Any competitive-looking series in England or Australia (or Sri Lanka if they're televised- they often aren't for some reason)
Series in New Zealand.
Series in India, Pakistan or the West Indies.


Anything involving NZ
Australian home series (so convenient and at least one side will play good cricket, though in recent times its been awesome with both teams at each others throats)
Stuff involving SA and England
The rest (often not shown in NZ and if so, are on at tricky times, so don't really look forward to it)

When its actualy Ashes year or ODI world cup year I'll be pretty excited for it too.


State Regular
The Ashes
Aus vs South Africa tests
Aus vs West Indies tests
other Australia tests
Everything else


SA v England (SO happy that a test match has been moved to PE this winter)
SA v anyone else
The Ashes
Zimbabwe v Anyone
Namibia v Anyone
The 50 over World Cup
New Zealand v Anyone
The Rest

T20/Pro20/IPL/Baseball/Advanced Cheerleading/Gay Time


Any tests in South Africa (has anyone else noticed they're always the most entertaining series?)
Although the Aus SA series in Australia this year was a million more times entertaining then the return leg in SA, but yeah, always good value esp when SA drop an early Test.


U19 Debutant
India/sl tests.looking forward to it and hopefully Zak and Ishant are back to full fitness and bowling well because they will be the key imo.


Not Terrible
NZ Tests
Tamim+Shakib Tests
Sri Lanka Tests
Tests between the good teams - Aus, SA, IND (Aus vs, Eng, Ind vs, Pak included)
The rest
T20, may marginally enjoy IPL more than the ICC WT20


International Coach
England v India/South Africa
South Africa v Australia
South Africa v India

Err, that's pretty much it.


Cricketer Of The Year
1 - Ashes
2 - England tests against SA, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka
3 - T20 and ODI world cups
4 - Aus-India and Aus-SA test series
5 - Any of the above teams, plus NZ and WI, ODI series
6 - Eng domestic T20 and limited overs, and IPL.

Probably forgot something important. Hmmm.


Hall of Fame Member

England vs SA/India

Australia vs SA/India [in Aus]
England vs SL/Pakistan/WI/NZ
World Cup
Twenty20 World Cup

Other Tests

Jungle Jumbo

International Vice-Captain
England v South Africa
England v India
England v Pakistan/Sri Lanka
England v New Zealand/West Indies
Australia v India/South Africa
Twenty20 World Cup


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Aus-India and Aus-SA




International Captain
Apart from England's games, most of them seem to involve India for some reason - India v Pakistan and v Australia have the 'needle' element which makes them interesting viewing, and they're often on at a time when I can catch some of the action.