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Where will English Performance squad be this winter?


International Coach
low performance squad - AB field, north sydney oval etc
no performance squad - all the test venues
high performance squad - syntax error


International Captain
Who's the poofter in the photo GIMH.
Yeh a game against QLD academy looks on the cards.
Eoin Morgan will be at the Thunder won't be in the permance squad.


International Vice-Captain
Anyone know the itinnery?
First time I've seen anything concrete

mike selvey ‏@selvecricket 2m

Eng Performance Squad will be in Brisb before first Test, then go to Perth and home before third Test. Two games, near end of Bris and Perth


International Captain
EPP Itinerary:

14 November Leave UK
16 November Arrive Brisbane
17 – 26 November Training and Conditioning
27 – 29 November 3 day match v Queensland IIs - Allan Border Field, Brisbane
30 November Travel to Perth
1 – 9 December Training and Conditioning
10 – 12 December 3 day match v Western Australia IIs - James Oval, University of Western Australia, Perth.
14 December Leave Australia

Prince EWS

Global Moderator
Hmm interesting, they're leaving much earlier than I imagined. I guess that explains the bigger official Ashes squad; they won't be able to just call players up from the EPP squad for the last couple of Tests.


Global Moderator
The EPP squad isn't even an A squad as well, so all the talk on Sky about them taking players from it if they needed to was a bit of a redundant.