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What's your Avatar?


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Mine's Jacques Kallis getting whacked by a Midge Johnson bouncer.

I can't remember which album Smitteh's is from and it's really annoying me.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
My new one is my favourite TV character ever - pop-up book and knitting enthusiast/private investigator Emerson Cod.


Previously Nathan Drake of Uncharted fame, currently Stephen Silvagni vs Gary Ablett from the 1995 AFL grand final. Will be this for a while.


Global Moderator
Ezio from Assassin's Creed II about to surprise a guard. Previously had the Joker from the Arkham Asylum game in my favorite scene. Before even that had Bon Scott.


Cricket, Lovely Cricket
Was thinking about avatars just yesterday, so great that you created this thread.

I like the posters having permanent avatars nowadays not often changing them.

Mine is Sachin Tendulkar at his purest in pristine test cricket. Love the photograph. Won't change it for a long time, if ever.


The Wheel is Forever
Mine's pretty obvious. Will bring the wheel of mediocrity back one day, but it doesn't have the same impact with India being the #1 ranked Test team.