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What is the major reason for the decline in batting standards in the Carribean?


Domestic decks imo.

When pitches take the piss to the extent that any random bowler (often fingerspinners in WI case) can have a sub 20 average and 35 is a very, very good batting average, then you're not going to produce test batsmen who know how to bat time and score big hundreds at test level or bowlers who know what to do when life is hard.
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Socerer 01

International 12th Man
**** pitches that value either blocking all day to nullify overwhelming bowlers advantage or produce h4x who look to pinch runs before inevitably getting dismissed. there isn’t enough leeway or practice left for batsmen to build innings unless they are prodigies or highly experienced


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It all went downhill when the ARG lost its status as a test venue

And dropping the greatest, Leon Garrick, after playing just a solitary test match!

of course, /s


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Complete decline in the popularity of the sport, especially Tests.
This. If I'm a young man in the Caribbean and i had a choice between making millions playing 20-20 vs peanuts playing tests, of course I'm choosing 2020-20.