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What is first choice India fast bowling attack?


The Wheel is Forever
Assuming everyone is fit, which three would you pick for bowling?

  1. Bumrah
  2. Shami
  3. Sharma
  4. Yadav
  5. Siraj
  6. Saini
  7. Shardul
  8. Kumar

I think I would have to go with the first three in my list?

Prince EWS

Global Moderator
Deep down I still don't really rate Ishant. I didn't rate him when he was a wonderkid, I certainly didn't rate him when he was averaging high 30s for years, and I didn't rate him at the start of his improvement either. I've grown to accept his status as a good bowler while he's been out, probably largely I haven't had to actually watch him bowl and he's become an abstract concept rather than someone I have to watch inexplicably taking wickets.

But yeah despite that he's earnt his spot over Umesh who has consistently struggled away from home, and Siraj who has only played one series so far. I'd probably have an itchier finger than most if his returns weren't great on his return though.


International Regular
Siraj's bad luck that his peak years as a seamer are coinciding with the final few of the senior third seamer i.e. Sharma. He's going to be reserve for an year at least unless either injury or bad form free up room for him.

I would also look at rotating the allrounder slot between Pandya and Thakur in view of the former's frailties. Pandya's the better cricketer but we need him to pull his weight as bowler too.


School Boy/Girl Captain
Think that Siraj’s performance in Aus should place him in the top 3. Should be picked ahead of Yadav and Sharma. Yadav and Sharma will still get to play as India have a lot of games scheduled this year so there will be some rotations of the bowlers + Shami’s injured and may be out for quite a while.


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Ishant (away)/Shami (home)
Siraj (away)/Yadav (home)

Bhuvs needs to play a bit of FC first before I can rate him. If assumed to be the same bowler he was as the last test he played he easily slots in ahead of Shardul, and also Yadav when playing away.


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If we want to stack the batting at home we could actually play this


4 best bowlers plus Pandya #batdeep


Whatever it takes!!!

And then we also have...

Deepak Chahar
Sandeep Sharma
Ankit Rajpoot
Avesh Khan

Hopefully we get to add

Arshdeep Singh
Shivam Mavi
Kamalesh Nagarkoti
Ishan Porel

There is also

Khaleel Ahmed
Sandeep Warrier
Prasidh Krishna

:laugh: I cannot believe we actually live in this timeline.


School Boy/Girl Captain
Bumrah picks himself. If Umesh and Shami are fit, they are the next two best bowlers. I rate the new and improved Ishant but not so much in Indian conditions where Umesh/Shami make use of reverse and variable bounce a lot more effectively.

Siraj, Bhuvi, Saini and others only come into discussion when the above four are unavailable/rested.


likes this
Bumrah - Shami - Ishant - Yadav - Siraj - Thakur/Bhuvi

Saini and Natranjan not quite ready, should play more FC stuff. Next in line will perhaps be whatever young talented quick is fit and has some decent performances behind them. Or whoever has been picked as net bowler lol.

Prince EWS

Global Moderator
Is Umesh still recovering from injury and not expected to play in this series?
Following India's injuries has become way too complicated which is why I suspect SS started a "first choice" thread, so we didn't have to follow them in order to have a conversation. Don't bring that **** in here. :laugh:
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Global Moderator
I say this as someone who was the president of the Ishant sucks club a decade ago when he was a terrible test level bowler.:

Ishant should play every game he is fit for and should get a performance grace period of at least 5 tests before we consider someone else. He is the backbone and leader of this Indian pace bowling lineup.

In the last 5 years, since the beginning of 2016, Ishant has 96 wickets @ 22.9 in 29 tests. In this period, he averages 21.59 away and 25.3 in India. Apart from India, his worst average in any country in the period is 24.27 in England.


In the last 3 years, he has 71 wickets in 18 tests @ 19.14 and apart from one home series against SA, he has consistently been absolutely exceptional every series:




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I agree largely but he’s coming off a massive break and an injury so if he does look off colour I won’t be opposed to a shorter rope.

Also not opposed to a rotation policy.


First Class Debutant
India's best bowlers at home in last 5 years

View attachment 27025
Interesting that even at home Umesh goes pretty heavy RR wise. Just the type of bowler he is I suppose. Also interesting how spread out the wickets are between the bowlers - everyone's doing 3.x WPM (Ishant just under). Guess there's lots of competition for wickets with Ashwin + Jadeja. But also wasn't it just a year or two ago that the pace bowlers outperformed the spinners in India for the first time?