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What are some of the greatest cricket stories?


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I'll name a few.

Nathan Lyon's journey - from being curator to becoming the lead spin bowler of Australia.

Another thing that comes to my mind is Bradman's average(although it's technically not a "story"), it's such a magical number. I prefer "reading" about Bradman, I don't watch any of the rare footages of him playing cricket because it's almost like it might ruin the imagination I have about cricket in those days.

Also, Domnic Joseph's "bullet-maker-turned-bowler" story is a must-read:


International Captain
The time that Mitchell Santner came out to bat in a first class match, having scored 0 in the first innings against Wellington. Grant Elliott led a chorus of Bon Jovi's 'Living on a Prayer' with the lyrics changed to 'ohhhhh we're halfway there, ohhhhhh Santner's on a pair'

Then Santner got a pair.

Best story of all time.


International Coach
Answer is Jadeja. From being butt of countless jokes (remember the sarcastic Sir title?) to being one of the greats of Indian cricket.
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I love Eddie Paynter's Bodyline story.

It's probably been rehashed a million times, but there's something very "boy's own" about a chap literally climbing from his hospital bed when his country needed him.

The story I've heard is he went into the 4th test with a sore throat which developed into tonsillitis as the match progressed and, running a temperature of something silly, he was admitted to a Brisbane hospital. However when the English XI lost their 5th wicket still well in the red he got a taxi to the ground, had a quick shower and, fortified by raw eggs, brandy and champagne, secured a narrow lead before falling for 83 and then returning to his sick bed.


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I’m a sucker for the stories of guys coming from tough financial situations.

Yadav, Jaiswal and Siraj for example.

The odds are so stacked against them it’s really incredible they make it to professional cricket at all. For every one of these guys there’s gotta be literally thousands that just can’t do it due to situations beyond their control.


State Vice-Captain
Tauseef Ahmed was recommended by a friend of a cricketer and was given a try at the nets. He proved to be better than the selected Test spinner and was chosen over him. On his debut vs Australia, he snatched 7 valuable wickets and became a regular thereafter.


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I have to mention the Australian players betting on themselves to lose at 500/1 vs England and then going on to lose the game. Bob Willis and Ian Botham's test match, Headingly 1981.


U19 12th Man
A douchebag to teenage Kapil: We don't have fast bowlers in India. We only have spinners.

And we know the rest. BTW, I know the name of the douchebag, but don't think it's worth naming him. To me, he is like the Voldemort of Indian cricket.
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