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West Indies v England, 1st Test


Hall of Fame Member
I'm available now. Anyone know the Skype thinggummy, else I guess I'll do it another time - it is rather opportunistic of me.


Evil Scotsman
I think I'm getting a technical problem with the stream, all I'm hearing is Spark saying "short, wide, cut, four" over and over again...


International Coach
Spark sounds so much like my posh Australian uncle it's scary. Is that the standard high-brow academic Australian accent?


Global Moderator
Can do the middle session for the next couple of days. I'm out the next couple of afternoons so will miss the start of the morning session and want to catch the Champions League during the evening session. Also have cricket practice on Thursday so that's about it for the immediate future though.


Global Moderator
I'm happy to do the first session again tonight. Won't be staying up for the second, however.


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Just a suggestion, during an uninspiring period of play (e.g when Benn or Samuels come on to bowl) can we have more talk on current cricketweb topics or something? Maybe slip in a few cricrate jokes here and there etc.

Shady Slim

International Regular
guys i have some terrible news

considering i am staying up tonight there's a chance the morning session watchers will get to hear filthy shady slim commentary


Global Moderator
So at the moment we've got Shady and Dan who have volunteered for the first session, and myself for the second.

Shady Slim

International Regular
it's good that dan wants to do it too

ten minutes of the shady slim show and you'd want to slice off your ears with a machete