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West Indies to play in New York


World Traveller
If Sanz has the opporunity (don't think he does because of his circumstances) or anyother US based posters and you have the chance - there you go!


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Should be interesting indeed, I suppose ex-pats will make up the crowd.

May as well bring it up here... has anyone heard how cricket's going in China? has any formal structure been implemented yet?

Barney Rubble

International Coach
Am I the only one wondering who the hell is going to play for the USA All-Stars, and how they expect to play the WI without getting utterly trounced? Even USA 1st XI would get thrashed. :wacko:

Jungle Jumbo

International Vice-Captain
I would personally rather see the real USA side rather than a bunch of money-craving pros and misfits, but surely these games will be too inferior/one-sided for the West Indies to take seriously.


U19 Debutant
^ you'd be surprised.

And as far as the promotion of the game goes, I think NYC is the ideal place to be. You can't get any more American then that I suppose (well maybe Texas...lol)


Hall of Fame Member
jack_sparrow said:
I think NYC is the ideal place to be.
New York is the right place to get a big West Indian crowd watching the game. It is the centre of West Indian cricket in the US. However, it is the wrong place to increase the profile of cricket in the US.

The story will get lost in such a hige city as NY and publicity will be minimal as it is competeing with a thousand other stories. Americans will not even know this game exists.

If it was about raising the profile of the game then a far smaller city should have been chosen where such an event would generate an interest and buzz withing the non-immigrant communities.


International Coach
IMO, the ideal place would be the Bay Area, and not just because I live here. Not only do we have a lot of cricket being played here, but it's also getting recognized by the Americans and articles have been published in the newspaper etc. Everytime we play on Sundays, at least a few people walk by asking what this game is all about. Also, it wouldn't get lost as a money-making event as it might in NY. New York has plenty of cricket as well though, so let's see how it goes.

archie mac

International Coach
I would have thought they would have been better off playing a couple of 20/20 matches, and getting rid of the LBW law for the day:)


Hall of Fame Member


Hall of Fame Member
benchmark00 said:
May as well bring it up here... has anyone heard how cricket's going in China? has any formal structure been implemented yet?
The word is there's an abundance of left-arm wrist-spinners in the Chinese ranks.