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Wellington vs Central!!


U19 Cricketer
wat a game!! wellington got a bad score of 166 for a top score of 26!! poor as score, it looked all over. BUT!! the lowest one day score in NZ with wellington bowling them out for about 54, Hitchcock (i wanted him to b chosen for NZ for his great ability at the death) was at 4 wickets for 5 runs at one time and ended up with about 5 wickets for 10 runs. Franklin, who i thought was unlucky because he bowled superbly with the umpires having bad dicesions against him ended with 3 i think for about 25 runs and Penn getting one too. I think Hitchcock or Franklin should play for NZ in the VB series as there is a space because Kyle Mills getting an injury after one over in his shoulder. the running between the wickets was appalling from both sides with about 5 runs outs in the match


School Boy/Girl Cricketer
Well what I thought of the game

1. CD bowled pretty good,

2. Matthew Sinclair Fielded very well

3.Richard Jones is a bad runner

4. James Franklin looked good with the bat then..

5. Old Matty Walker ran him out

6. Nice 6 from Pasyparti or however its spelt

7. James Franklin should be a black cap his bowling was supurb very unlucky with 2 LBW shoits as well.

8. Sinclair is weird he played about 4 great shots and the rest were shockers - he would hit a nice 4 next ball nearly get out - what up with him ???

9. Hitchcock weaved some magic he was good but his figures flattered him a little as Franklin bowled better

10. That run out of Hefford was an absolute shocker :) So bad.

Theres my match wrap in a weird way just as it was a weird sorta match. ;) :)


U19 Cricketer
well, lots of those things u think i agree with cos thats most of the stuff i sed. The prob with sinclair is he doesn't get behind the ball