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Was England's biggest loss heading into the Ashes...


School Boy/Girl Captain
not Michael Vaughan... or Simon Jones, but Troy Cooley?

Should the ECB hierarchy be shot for letting him go?.


The Wheel is Forever
If Troy Cooley was the difference between Harmison of 2005 Ashes and Harmison of 2006 Ashes, then Harmison doesn't deserve to be a test player IMHO.

I mean coaching is important, but at this level, you got to bowl better than the tripe he did, coaching or not.

And if Troy Cooley makes that much of a difference, then he is literally a miracle worker and I'd pay him millions of pounds a year to be the bowling coach in India, and supply him with never ending stream of women who will provide constant oral ***, just to convince him to take the job.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
The thing is Troy Cooley was more than just a coach for Steve Harmison and the England bowling attack I think, he was a figure they looked up to and had a great deal of respect for aswell as being a confident when things were getting a bit tough. I daresay Harmison is missing having his influence around but should still be able to bowl better than he has been.


International Coach
tbf Harmison's form went long before Cooley did. Apart from first innings at Lord's, he was actually pretty hopeless for most of the ashes series last year.


Hardly sprinkled stardust on Brett Lee just yet, has he? Performance well down on last (Aussie) summer.


International Coach
I'm sure it had some contributing factor, but you could have all the coaches in the world teaching our attack and they still wouldn't get 20 Australian wickets.