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Warne seen with match fixer in 1999


Cricketer Of The Year
Sounds like another glory-hunter deciding to push his luck now that Warne is the center of attention again. Warne was probably seen with someone who looked "dodgy", as is the case with most of these reports. If it was true, I would have expected it to come out much earlier, or even in the last year, since it's allways best to kick a man when he's down.

Tom Halsey

International Coach
I think this story is a load of codswallop, like most things to do with Warne.

I wish people would stop attempting to seek attention.


Cricketer Of The Year
The problem for Warne is that because he has been found guilty over a wide range of offences, nobody really knows what to believe.

No doubt there are some people out there looking to take advantage of him, but it's also possible that he's done some stupid things we have no idea about either.


Hall of Fame Member
Neil Pickup said:
The timing of this allegation's appearance intrigues me.

yep, i dont think this one will last long though, everyones sick of allegations like these - sounds to me like its all circumstantial evidence anyway


First Class Debutant
Has there been any comments from Brian Lara, as he was also accused of seeing this match fixer dude as well.......