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Voting Thread: First name/last name Draft!

Choose the TWO best teams

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Hall of Fame Member
Drafters had to pick a first name, then a surname, then make a team out of those 2 names!

Players were allowed to be used by multiple teams, so Graeme Pollock and Graeme Smith feature in 2 teams.

Choose the TWO best teams.


Daemon's Stuart Khan

Majid Khan
Stuart Law
Stewie Dempster
Younis Khan
Mansur Ali Khan
Imran Khan (C)
Moin Khan +
Stuart Broad
Stuart Macgill
Stuart Clark
Zaheer Khan

Howe_Zat's Michael Warne

Mike Atherton
Michael Slater
Michael Vaughan
Michael Clarke
Mike Hussey
Mike Gatting
Mike Procter (2)
Mike Brearley*+
Shane Warne (4)
Michael Holding (1)
Michael Kasprowicz (3)

AldoRaine's Jack Pollock

01. Jack Hobbs
02. Jack Fingleton
03. John Edrich
04. Graeme Pollock
05. Jacques Kallis
06. John Waite+
07. Shaun Pollock
08. Jack Gregory
09. Jack Cowie
10. John Snow
11. Peter Pollock

mr_mister's Mohammad Richards

Barry Richards
Mohammad Hafeez (4)
Viv Richards (c)
Mohammad Yousuf
Mohammad Azharuddin
Mohammad Kaif
Mohammad Rizwan +
Mohammad Amir (2)
Mohamamad Asif (1)
Mohammad Rafique (5)
Mohammad Nissar (3)

NUFAN's Ian Taylor

1 Mark Taylor c
2 Ian Redpath
3 Ian Chappell
4 Herbie Taylor
5 Ross Taylor
6 Ian Bell
7 Ian Healy+
8 Ian Botham
9 Bruce Taylor
10 Ian Johnson
11 Ian Bishop

kingkallis's Alan Smith

1. Alan Melville /
2. Graeme Smith /
3. Steven Smith /
4. Robin Smith /
5. Allan Border / o (c)
6. Alan Fairfax / o
7. Alan Davidson o /
8. Alan Knott + /
9. Chuck Fleetwood-Smith o
10. Alan Connolly o
11. Allan Donald o

Victor Ian's Graeme Barnes

Graeme Gooch
Graeme Smith
Graeme Pollock
Graeme Thorpe
Sid Barnes
Graeme Hick
Graeme Fowler
Billy Barnes
Graeme Dilly
Sydeny Barnes
Graeme Swann

schearzie's William Chappell

1. WG Grace
2. Bill Wodfull
3. Ian Chappell*
4. Greg Chappell
5. Bill Ponsford
6. Bill Barnes
7. Billy Wade+
8. Bill Lockwood
9. Bill O'Reilly
10. Bill Johnston
11. Bill Bowes
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Audio File
Think this is one of those rare occasions where I'm actually a good shout for best team

I like Jack Pollock but find the John/Jack link a bit tenuous


State Vice-Captain
Yeah I'm still not clear why that was the case, but hey, I'm not making the rules. :)

Thanks for the vote!


Hall of Fame Member
tbh its because my dad and grandfather are john/jack. one has john on their birth certif and goes by jack, and vice versa for the other one. maybe my families just weird but i thought it was normal

anyway im annoyed i havent got a single vote. i feel like my batting is the strongest... i guess rafique is terrible tho


Cricketer Of The Year
1) Howe missed out due to lack of having a regular and full time wicket-keeper.

2) Jack Pollock, Ian Taylor gets my vote for having a nicely balanced teams.


Y no Afghanistan flag
I just voted for one team, aldo's. I'm still not sure that Jacques Kallis and fleetwood-smith should be allowed. You won't find fleetwood-smith beside stevesmith in the yellow pages (if they still exist).

The positive about my team is that I think my worst player is better than everyone else's worse. Since I'm all me me me who do you think my worst is, Bruce Taylor?

Victor Ian

International Vice-Captain
I accidentally chose only one team - I was also going to pick the Ian's. I can't figure out how to undo my selection to do it again. Oh well - stiff.