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[Voting Thread 2] - Draft of the Dead - Halloween Special

Vote for the best team!

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Cricketer Of The Year



  • You cannot vote for your own team.
  • All participants in the final are required to vote. Failure to do so would result in -1 vote for your team.
  • Vote will close in 3 days.
  • Feel free to debate on the teams, campaign for votes, and bribe the organizers.
  • Do not break any forum rules and treat each other with respect.


The Teams

ataraxia XI

1) WA Brown /
2) MH Mankad / o
3) GA Headley /
4) CL Walcott /
5) HW Taylor /
6) GA Faulkner / o
7) WW Wade / +
8) LN Constantine o /
9) GA Lohmann o /
10) MD Marshall o /
11) JB Statham o

12: T Richardson o

Pothas XI

Bruce Mitchell
Conrad Hunte
Wally Hammond
Peter May*
Martin Crowe
Maurice Leyland
John Waite+
Hedley Verity
Bill Voce
Alec Bedser
Neil Adcock

Basil D'Oliviera

ankitj XI

Vijay Merchant
Allan Rae
Denis Compton
Dudley Nourse
Stan McCabe
Keith Miller [3]
Warwick Armstrong [5] (c)
Jock Cameron (wk)
Hugh Trumble [4]
Jack Cowie [2]
Sydney Barnes [1]

12th: Manny Martindale

BoyBrumby - The Appreciative Deceased

Bill Woodfull RHB 2300 runs @ 46.00
Eddie Barlow RHB 2516 @ 45.75; RMF 40 wickets @ 34.05
Frank Worrell* RHB 3860 @ 49.49; SLA/LM 69 @ 38.72
Eddie Paynter LHB 1540 @ 59.23
Duleepsinhji RHB 995 @ 58.53
FS Jackson RHB 1415 @ 48.79; RM 24 @ 33.29
Budhi Kunderan+ RHB 981 @ 32.70; 21 catches, 7 stumpings
Trevor Bailey RHB 2290 @ 29.74; RFM 132 @ 29.21
Clarrie Grimmett RHB 557 @ 13.93; LB 216 @ 24.22
Fred Trueman RHB 981 @ 13.82; RF 307 @ 21.58
Frank Tyson RHB 230 @ 10.82; RF 76 @ 18.57

12th man: DR Jardine

kingkallis - CricZo XI

Len Hutton /
Arthur Morris /
Dean Jones /
Hanif Mohammed /
Patsy Hendren /
Trevor Goddard / o
Tony Greig o /
Richie Benaud o /
Bert Oldfield + /
Harold Larwood o /
Fred Spofforth o

12th Man: Gubby Allen o /


Loving ataraxia's seam attack. Two first rate spinning all-rounders in Mankad and Faulkner give his bowling a nice balance too.

His batting top order is bolstered by Headley and Walcott and, with MDM coming in as low at #10 there's a good depth there too, but other XIs maybe have better openers and more powerful 5-8 engine rooms.

Pothas's seamers are almost as impressive and his top order has a more solid look but dear old Headley Verity only has the very part time wrist spin of Mitchell and Leyland for support.

Ankitj has a strong looking top order, a nice balance provided by his Aussie all-rounders and, that SF Barnes was quite the bowler too...

KK has an impressive depth to his batting, with Lol Larwood a very decent #10, but his bowling possibly not as strong as that available to some of the other selectors with Grieg's or Goddard's mediums presumably being first change.

It's close, but can't go past ataraxia for this one.


Cricketer Of The Year
@Himannv it was a fun draft even though I was robbed off Marshall and Worrell lol
I think that aspect took away any advantage of first pick, which was an intended thing. I wanted people to rejig their sides and take risks to get better players.

However, I think on hindsight, I should probably have banned Marshall as he's like the best fast bowler of all time in a pool where there aren't that many fast bowlers available.

Congrats @ataraxia a well deserved victory and thanks @Himannv a nicely run draft and whilst it didn't fundamentally affect the drafts, I thought the pictures were a nice touch too
Cheers, mate. I did have fun organizing this - which is a change from the norm as I normally prefer to just play.

Maybe there'll be a Draft of the Living or something if people like the draft structure.