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Voges 20/20 catch vs Duminy 20/20 catch

Which catch was better?

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Cricket Spectator
Voges catch was a huge turning point in the T20 on Sunday. McCullum was looking ready to fire.

JP Duminy's T20 catch was superb though it did not affect the outcome of the match to any great extent.

Which was better?


International Regular
No comparison. Duminy was running a long way back, falling, looking from under his cap, lights would be a factor etc, and Voges has been so over-hyped it's not funny. Most players should be expected to be able to do that.


Global Moderator
Voges' presence of mind was really good. In the end, most people under that sort of pressure wouldn't have the ability to throw the ball in the air that high; rather pop it up a little bit in case they kept their feet and ensure that it wouldn't be six.

Still, JPs was the better catch.


International Captain

The catch like Voges has been done a few times in Aus domestic cricket, most probably around the world too. If he was the first to ever pull off such a catch and given it's importance in the match (T20 meh) it might have been even more spectacular.

Noble One

International Vice-Captain
No doubting the catch by Vogues was very impressive. Although similar catches are witnessed from time to time in domestic cricket.

JP's catch on the other hand was incredible and anyone who has played the game of cricket would appreciate the rare skill required to catch an overhead ball whilst running at full pace.

JP gets my vote, far tougher catch.


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Duminy's required more skill, but i preferred Voges's. I really love great fielding. Probably only second to great legspin bowling in what I love to see in a cricket match.


State Vice-Captain
JP's no doubt. Not only did he have to run at full pace but he had to dive in the end. Unbelievable catch. Probably one of the best.


Cricketer Of The Year
Voges, a guy with a thinking head on the shoulders! Good catch but still, Duminy's catch gets my vote!


U19 Cricketer
Duminy gets my vote, i see from the point of which catch i can pull off, voges catch most crickets can think of pulling off even though it was expertly done. JP however required far more skill


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Duminy for me, but Voges one of the best "presence of mind" catches you'll see.


International Coach
Duminy's catch was better, but Voges' catch was exceptional too, its not everyday fielders pull off catches like those near the boundary rope, and in Voges' case, not only did he pull off that catch in the T20 against BC, but he also pulled off a similar catch in a ranger cup game just a few weeks ago before taking the catch to dismiss McCullum.

The only difference is the in the T20 game he caught the ball himself, whereas in the ranger cup game he poopped it back to Doropoulos.


School Boy/Girl Captain
Incredible catch. Probably the best catch I've ever seen, though the most athletic would have to be Sybrand Engelbrecht against Papua New Guinea at the u/19 World Cup last year. Anybody see that catch?


Best catch I've ever seen was Collingwood catching Hayden from Harmison before the 05 Ashes and I seriously doubt I'll ever see something better.


State Captain
The level of difficulty in JP's catch was clearly higher than Voges's. JP had to contend with the light, his cap, wind all whilst running pelt. Although Voges's catch proved to be the gamebreaker he made the catch a lot more 'spectacular' due to him stacking on the boundary rope.


State Captain
Incredible catch. Probably the best catch I've ever seen, though the most athletic would have to be Sybrand Engelbrecht against Papua New Guinea at the u/19 World Cup last year. Anybody see that catch?
Remember watching it at the time. Can't find any footage on it now to refresh what happened.


School Boy/Girl Captain
Actually I forgot about the catch Martin van Jaarsveld took against the Eagles in the limited overs final. For those of you who didn't see it, van Jaarsveld was standing at slip for Roelof van der Merwe (slow left armer) and started to move behind the keeper as soon as the ball was released. The batsman played a sweep shot but van Jaarsveld stuck out his left hand and caught the ball centimetres off the ground. Incredible.