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Vale Phillip Hughes


International Vice-Captain
Phillip Joel Hughes.

What can anyone say at a time like this? I sit here inconsolable, I can't imagine what his family and Sean Abbott are going through.

The Prince was a man too talented for this world. But if you ever spoke to him, or even heard him speak, you would have little idea that he possessed such immeasurable abilities. That was the true mark of the man, his humbleness. He was the salt of the Earth.

I only shared the field with him a couple of times, but he had that presence that only the true talents have. I'd sit there transfixed as he wielded his bat like a magic wand. His energy was infectious, he'd be the sort of bloke I would have loved to shared a dressing room with.

His loss is nothing short of a sporting tragedy. The fact he was so young. So talented. So driven and so humble. I suppose we can take solace in the fact that he crammed a hell of a lot in those 25 years. 26 first class centuries.

I'm hurting today just like his friends and family would be.

I'll sum up by quoting a small piece of Peter Lalor's wonderful article published in The Australian a day or so ago:

Only the good die young.

RIP The Prince. We'll always love you. Thanks for the joy you have given us.
that quote tells you everything you need to know about him, what a man



Cricketer Of The Year
Good Lord, I really wasn't that worried in the aftermath of the incident, I had no idea how serious it was and I'm completely shocked to hear the terrible news, I imagine every cricketer or cricket follower in Australia and many more around the world are hurting as I am, I simply can't believe it. RIP Phillip Hughes
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You'll Never Walk Alone
I got nothing.

In tears myself and barely knew him.

Praying for comfort for his family, and for Abbott.

He will be missed so much, for so long.


International Captain
For quite a few years now it has been my privilege to enjoy following Phillip Hughes' career and to call myself a fan. Of course the loss I feel is nothing compared to the anquish being suffered by those who knew and loved him, but I feel it just the same.

Sean Abbott, Hughesy won't be playing all those tests he was destined to now, and it isn't your fault in any way. But carry the little fella with you when you go out to play and be the best you can, maybe you can play those tests for him. I've no doubt he'd want that.


Hall of Fame Member
Devastated by this. It is always a tragedy when a young person dies but this is clearly very close to home as we are all part of the world cricket community and he was sadly injured, and died as a result, doing something we all relate to and what should be a fun past time. I'm not sure it will be as fun ever again. I was trying my own comeback after a serious head injury but, honestly, it really cant be worth it when a young man can be taken away from us all this easily.

I don't think I am qualified or knowledgeable enough to write a tribute but he was clearly a special person and a very talented cricketer. I will just leave my condolences and thoughts for his family, friends, and Sean Abbott here.


Hall of Fame Member
When you only know someone as a sportsman all you can think of is those sporting achievements, which in this case were those glorious twin centuries vs SA and that superb first class career.

But it just feels so irrelevant now. Thankyou to Benchmark and others for providing something real about the man.


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Didn't know him. Didn't play for my country. Hardly watched him bat. But I'm still on the verge of tears. The story of him being an ultra talented bat producing moments of brilliance but flitting in and out of the side, and now when it seemed he had one more chance, this happens. Just awful.

RIP Phil :(


International Debutant
This is so so sad. Life is so cruel at times. How many such bouncers has he played out. How many times have players been hit by seemingly more dangerous beamers and bouncers from even quicker bowlers. For such a talent to die so young is so tragic. Have always had a soft corner for him, probably for his different style of play. To think a guy who would have probably been selected to play the test match next week is dead is desperately sad. Thoughts are with his family.

El Nino

School Boy/Girl Captain
Im empty, have nothing.

For a bloke that I only met a handful of times, he had such an impact. His sense of humor and generosity, never ever would he think he was better than anyone else, it's just heartbreaking.

Rest Easy Hughesy


Hall of Fame Member
I don't know if anyone will find this useful or not but this song came to mind almost immediately.

I don't know what the exact meaning is but I think it's one of those songs that can mean many different things at different times.

I find it comforting anyway.



International Captain
I am feeling terrible here in office. No one to share my sorrows to in person, as no one here in Japan knows much about cricket and who can understand how painful it is.

Saddest day for cricket. RIP Hughes..