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*Unofficial* New Zealand Black Caps Thread


International Debutant
Yes, his success for CD had a low-ceiling flavour to it, I suppose. I know he didn't fancy facing Sears at all. South Africans will still often get married before they've hit 25 and they can become very pragmatic in their path.
I worried when he was unable to enter the country for a couple of years that Foxcroft might follow him to Texas. Looks like Luddick's side is captained by Corey Anderson. It just seems wrong to call it "major" and "minor league cricket", but when in Rome I guess.



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Speaking of stolen South Africans, anyone know much about this Dean Foxcroft chap? Handy record for a 24 year old.


International Debutant
Speaking of stolen South Africans, anyone know much about this Dean Foxcroft chap? Handy record for a 24 year old.
And missed two seasons after going home for some exams in early 2020. Couldn't get back in. Hopefully the ICC grant an exemption so he doesn't have to restart his qualification period. Kippax posted some footage of him playing a fired up Sears before he left. Top scored in Super Smash final when he was 20 and former SA under 19 captain. Looks like a future test player if he recaptures his pre-exile form.



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Imagine if New Zealand cricket wasn’t just giving away money to “look good and with it in the 21st century” we might’ve actually been able to hang onto these guys


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If NZC had twice the amount of money to hand around, you'd find Doug Bracewell on a huge contract and Neesham still with nothing.


International Captain
Not sure I buy the 'Neesham has been dicked around' narrative. To me, he's an inconsistent cricketer - in all senses of who he is - and his career has followed that path. 3 provinces, a Test career that burned then fizzled out, an ODI career that had promise but only delivered for short periods of time - World Cup '19 being a particular high - and now isn't even contributing in T20Is much at all. Doesn't really bowl anymore, sporadic one-dimension hitter who doesn't play innings' of substance...yeah, I say good luck to him that he's picking up domestic franchise contracts, but I can't see what NZC would need to see in him going forward.

Better to invest in the next generation of all-rounders, and genuine all-rounders who can do both as required.

thierry henry

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Neesham has never been that good tbh. Neither one thing nor the other really. Perhaps if a really concerted effort had been made to stick with him then more could have been made of him, but it's not like he beat the door down with his performances.

What is definitely unfair though is that he seems to have lost his locked in spot for ODIs. He couldn't have done more to earn ongoing selection the last time we actually played a decent number of them (2019). I think that's as much about NZC scheduling as it is Neesham though, and I don't think he's loathed so much that he single-handedly influenced us to stop playing his favourite format.


International Debutant
I've never been entirely convinced Neesham is disliked or treated with suspicion by NZC. Can see evidence both ways. He is more outspoken than many (NZ) sportspeople but not to the extent you'd consider him a liability. Does his face not fit with the team? Hardly. His personality seems similar to Southee and the like.


International Vice-Captain
Neesham theoretically still available for the BCs but I think starting with the India series he has ceased to become a first choice player. Anyone's guess how much more we'll see of him in NZ colours. Agree with TH it's got a lot to do with NZ scheduling as well as team inflexibility (with regard to the batting order, absolute refusal to play him anywhere but no 6 in the finishing role, and of course not looking beyond 5 bowlers).

Still find it amazing how NZ got nowhere near as much as they could have out of Anderson and Neesham, both debuted at the same time and both were a breath of fresh air in their first 2-3 seasons.


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Question for the upcoming Pakistan tour: should NZ reshuffle the batting order, opening with Conway and pushing Latham down to 4?