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*Unofficial* New Zealand Black Caps Thread

Fuller Pilch

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Well it wasn't meant as practice for the WTC. England wanted to recoup some financial losses from covid so wanted to play extra tests. NZ took up the offer.


State Vice-Captain
Well it wasn't meant as practice for the WTC. England wanted to recoup some financial losses from covid so wanted to play extra tests. NZ took up the offer.
Yeah tbf I was being a bit simplistic. I guess England just wanted to get revenge as soon as possible this time round.


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See NZ has asked Dion Ebrahim and Kiwi-by-marriage Luke Wright to join the squad as extra coaches for the tour.


International Regular

Henry Nicholls is in doubt for the Black Caps’ test tour of England due to a calf injury.

The team depart for the UK in two groups on Saturday and Sunday and at a pre-tour camp in Mt Maunganui coach Gary Stead revealed the left-handed middle-order batter had suffered the injury to his right leg when going through some running drills on Monday.

“He’s having an MRI scan later today, so we’ll know more after that as to the extent of it,” Stead said on Tuesday.

Fuller Pilch

Cricketer Of The Year
Phillips or Bruce if Nicholls can't tour? (hope he can).

I guess Mitchell to bat 5 in the tests if Nicholls not there. Otherwise Ravinda/Rutherford to open and Young at 5.


Cricketer Of The Year
As far as Macewell pushing his own career's barrow goes, I can understand his point of view that he'll be damned if he does and damned if he doesn't. The raw and crappy contracted squad Pocknall has been assembling for him in the last couple of years should've really been captained by someone with lots of lefty cred like Neesham, rather than a member of the bolshy and sometimes indelicate Bracewell family.

If Macewell had bowled Ravindra at every opportunity and it didn't pan out so well, and it bled through into lots of low scores for him at the top of the order, CW would probably be the first to opine that Macewell just wasn't easing all his juniors into their pro careers gently enough.


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@honestbharani Yep. He came to Taranaki and was player-coach for Hawera for years in his prime. Never got a look in for CD which was odd but I guess he didn't quite score the runs.

edit - just checked and he did play for Taranaki. Tbf CD was stacked with batsmen during his time.
Sounds like he's been coaching Otago in more recent times, and he's married to the Otago Sparks and former White Ferns bowler Kate Ebrahim (formerly Broadmore).


International Vice-Captain
Nicholls unavailability if at all is a major concern. That said an opportunity for someone else. I don't mind Bracewell at 5 or 6. I'd rather they play him vs England and figure where he's at international level than play him vs associates and come to conclusion either way. There's plenty of cricket coming up and with covid around better use all options possible. Despite couple of low scores vs Dutch I think Macewell can certainly bat particularly coming in at 6 and smashing it in white ball cricket. Whether he can in red ball is debatable but you never know.

If he goes well great otherwise at least we'll know that's a failed experiment. To me it's quite clear these days the teams would rather back a player who has good T20 numbers than a grafter in long format. Good number of players are progressing from T20 to red ball and lot less the other way around. Younger players need to take notice and shun the old attitude of trying to make a career through red ball cricket. In any case we play like 4-6 test matches in a year and opportunities are far less in our test side to get in. A month long great form in T20 live on TV makes selectors/people sit up and notice than the hard grind at red ball cricket. If you can land an opportunity and just go for it you have probably nothing to lose.


International Vice-Captain
Dion has been around for a long time in NZ. As pointed out above started at NP, was a head/coach player for NP Boys. Then a gig for Canterbury as assistant coach and recently appointed as head coach for Otago since Rob Walter moved to CD. The man has the international experience, quite young as well and generally thought about as a fantastic bloke. Good level headed person to have as one of the coaches.


International Vice-Captain
It's only a grade 1 tear for Nicholls, he should be all right for the first test. He will miss the warm up games. In case he misses the first test, I'd rather they go for Darryl Michell or Bracewell as a replacement for Nicholls than Rutherford or Ravindra. I just can't come to grips with players playing at a completely different position although it does happen regularly for debutants or starters. Or they should be insisting Firebirds play Ravindra in the middle or late order in domestic cricket if that is where they look to slot him in test cricket.

I see Stead mentioning the warm up games are not actually first class games. That sucks... takes out all the seriousness out of the game. I don't know why they do that. We will see 15 players fronting up for the warm up games from both sides and it will not necessarily help batters in particular. Last time around in UK I remember Young and Blundell were out like 2-3 times in a day but still got to carry on batting. Couple of our guys played for the opponents as well I think. I won't be watching the warm ups that's for sure.