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Ugly yet Effective Batsmen...


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Those gritty players over the years that don't often look elegant or look like natural strokeplayers who have made up for this due to their great concentration and guts.

They are usually so effective because they learn to play within their limitations.

Those the spring to my mind are....

Gary Kirstin (S.A)

Mark Richardson (NZ)

Alan Border (Aust)

Mark Taylor (Aust)

Justin Langer (Aust)

John Wright (NZ)

S Chanderpaul (WI)

Andrew Jones (NZ)

Can't think of many Asian players..

Any obvious names I've missed?


International Captain
Manoj Prabhakar, did a fair bit at the opening position for India, despite looking very dodgy at it.


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Eclipse said:
Steven Waugh...I don't think he was that attractive to watch.

I don't think Steve Waugh quite fits into this category...although obviously wasn't quite the treat to watch as his brother was.


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Yeah 50% of the time he is good to watch. Thats my point about langer. He plays one beautiful cover drive, then either plays and missed (never an edge) or plays a french cut or a miscued shot in the air. Langer main asset is not being pretty but fighting in out and showng plenty of concentration and ticker.


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a massive zebra said:
Atherton, Boycott, Barrington, Kallis, Adams, Atapattu, Lawry .
I personally disagree with all of those above....

Both Atherton and Boycott were very slow scorers and had tight defense, but I thought looked like elegant players when they were driving.

Barrington had a funny stance, but was in good position and look good when actually playing the shot.

And Kallis is one of the more elegant batsmen around today - surely


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Also, quite right Attapatu is very elegant ...

but in thinking about it, i will give you Lawry.


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cric_manic said:
not a batter but daniel vettorie's batting style is ugly but effective
Correct and correct. Not a recognised batsmen, but often ugly technique


International Captain
Border, Waugh and Sehwag (leg side) spring to mind.........

Although anyone looks scratchy after witnessing Ponting.