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Trivia Question

Andrew Pollock

School Boy/Girl Captain
Who has won a man of the match award in a one day international without scoring a run, taking a wicket or holding a catch?


Not Terrible
Could potentially be a bowler who managed an extremely low economy rate but didn't take wickets.
If not that then it would have to be run outs.


Cricketer Of The Year
I know a groundsman in a test match in 2000 between South Africa and New Zealand received the Man of the Match award after the first three/four days were abandonned because of rain - Hamish Marshall's debut match if I remember correctly. Not sure about it happening in an ODI, presumably its someone who was involved in 2-3 crucial run outs.


Y no Afghanistan flag
Was it in a World Cup match?

I seem to remember an extremely dodgy man of the match award to someone like Allan Border who just had an awesome day in the field, but didn't do anything with the bat.


Cricketer Of The Year
I've had a search to no avail so far. I'm not sure how many clues you want to give away but is this player a wicket keeper and therefore stumpings were involved?


Hall of Fame Member
That has got to be the give away, bit of research tells me that it must Ray Price with 10 overs for 7 runs against Ireland?