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Travel thread


State Vice-Captain
Where have you been, where would you reccommend and where do you still want to go?

Any good stories or pictures?

I'll get things started. I've visited France (I'm a complete Francophile - absolutely love the place), Germany, Austria, Spain, Morocco, South Africa, Mozambique, America, Canada (for 6 hours) and Australia. I love travelling, haven't been able to afford to go anywhere very exciting while I've been at University, but I'm going back to South Africa in the summer, followed by Mozambique again next February. And I'm going to France for 10 days at the beginning of April.

New Zealand is highest on my list of places to go next. I want to go back to Australia as well, so I figure I should probably take them both in at the same time. Some day I'll have enough money...
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The Sean

Cricketer Of The Year
Quality thread - travel rivals cricket as my favourite thing in life. :)

Sounds like you've made a good start to your travels, though if you're anything like me the travel bug never lets up - the more places you go, the more other places you want to go!

I've got a few trips planned in the near future, but the big one is that I'm off to Antarctica later this year. I have a life goal to set foot on all seven continents and I've been to the other six, so this will very much be the last frontier. It's about the most expensive thing you can do without going into space, but I'm hoping the experience will be worth every penny. :)

I'm sure you've got your own plans, but I'd recommend getting to South America if and when you get the chance. I spent four months there in 2006 and it was just incredible, I could have spent much more time there very happily has I not had to get to Germany in time for the World Cup. ;) I'd also recommend China as well - notwithstanding their human rights record (and I have no argument with someone who chooses not to go there for that reason) it's an absolutely fascinating place.


State Vice-Captain
Wow, Antarctica... I bet that'll be absolutely fascinating, I'll look forward to hearing all about it! Yeah, I've managed 4 continents so far, I'd love to get to South America at some point. I always had a fascination with Brazil as a kid, so would like to get there, but Peru is quite tempting as well.

I have a bit of a thing for mountains, so would love to go to the Himalayas and check out Mt Everest some day (from a distance - I don't think I'd be up to climbing it...)

The travel bug is biting hard right about now, I just want to get on a plane and get some stamps in my passport (cost me £79 to renew the other week, so I'm intending to make good use of it). Still, France should give me a shot in the arm before I get my real fix later this year.


International Debutant
I love travelling. My favourite places would have to be the Pyrenees, Slovenia and Lisbon.

I've also been to Budapest, which I didn't like that much (it was the middle of August and 39 degrees C, but it wasn't the weather so much as the smog and the grime), Vienna which is pretty cool in a fin-de-siecle kind of way, Salzburg (ditto), Prague, which is beautiful but infested with tourists these days, Krakow, which I really liked but didn't see much of (I'm going there again in April), Bruges (same as Prague), Paris, which I really didn't like despite loving the rest of France, for some reason, Berlin which is too modern for my tastes to be honest, and the Faroe Islands, which I went to because I fancied going somewhere hardly anyone ever does, and they are stunningly beautiful if you can put up with the weather.

I went on a walking holiday in the Pyrenees five years ago now (that's scary), to be up in the high meadows with just vultures for company, surrounded by serrated peaks and glacial lakes buried in the folds of the mountains... that's living.

My favourite holiday was one I took last summer with my mate from my old school. I met him in Budapest and we interrailed through Austria into Slovenia, where I had to fly home. Slovenia is a wonderful country, really going places. Ljubljana is small but really interesting, the old town is tiny compared to Prague or Krakow but the rest of it is so lively anyway it doesn't matter. Wonderful city. Lake Bled just might be the most scenic place in Europe, and of course it is crawling with tourists, but there is a very good reason why.

I would strongly recommend Lisbon to anyone as a cheap city-break destination. There isn't another national capital like it, a chaotic, eccentric mess of a city. The old medieval quarter beneath the castle is extraordinary, narrow streets like a maze, tiny hole-in-the-wall bars and shops, old trams and funiculars rattling up and down the steep hills... yeah, awesome place. Favourite city.

Photos? some of my favourites here; Lake Bled from the Osojinica hill, a tram in the old quarter of Lisbon, the Praca do Commercao in Lisbon, and a storm passing over the town of Torshavn and the island of Nolsoy in the Faroes.
I get way too enthusiatic talking about this kind of thing.


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Barney Rubble

International Coach
Only in the last couple of years, particularly in the last six months, have I had much of an opportunity to travel, and I'm very glad I have. Currently living in France, and as much as I hate my particular area due to its remarkably dull nature, there are parts of the country I just can't get enough of.

Spent five days in Amsterdam last November, which was a completely unique experience, and also spent two weeks in Spain last month which was fantastic. Intending on going back to Spain in May, and possibly to Germany as well. Also went to Italy in 2005 and that was brilliant.


State Vice-Captain
I'm the same as you Chubb, I get slightly OTT when talking about places I've been to and showing photos, so please feel free to ignore me if I overdo it on this thread.

This is the Gorges du Verdon in Provence, SE France. Such an incredible place - I stood and watched about 20 Egyptian Vultures soaring in and out of the gorge for a good half an hour, it was one of the most incredible displays of nature I've ever seen.

This is a beach in Beira, the second city in Mozambique. My nearest beach is the pebbles of Brighton, so it was a bit of an eye-opener.

Mt Rainier near Seattle - you'd be driving down a road, and then you'd turn a corner and be faced with this behemoth of a mountain right in front of you. When I was flying in, I thought it was a cloud :ph34r:

Byron Bay - loved it here but I was being shown around by a friend who hates beaches so he wouldn't let me stay for long! Could see myself going back there though.


The Wheel is Forever
I would love to visit England once, and watch a Test match. One of my big regrets is that I have never watched a high level cricket match with my own eyes.


I'm fortunate in that I've been able to go to so many places in the 20 years I've been alive, but I really want to settle down now.. In 3 weeks time I'll be quite happy never to see the inside of a plane again, although I've still got a bit of a craving to go to New Zealand.. All my favourite stuff is pretty much on my doorstep anyway..

The Amatola Mountains

Grahamstown Cathedral

Port Elizabeth - Deadset my favourite city


Cricketer Of The Year

seen my share of europe so far, been to France, Germany, Austria, Switserland, Prague, England ofcourse, Stockholm, Italy, Kopenhagen (saying cities because in that case I didn't see much of the country)

France is alright, never truely enjoyed that place, hate the french personally...
germany is boring, Austria is great for skieing and Salzburg is awesome! Switserland is truely awesome, skieing there is great and Vienna is very nice.
Prague is loaded with tourist indeed, but if your looking for a good partyweek...go there!
England I always enjoy being, Italy is by far my favourite summer holiday place great country.
Stockholm was very nice, awesome city! Kopenhagen is the most friendliest city ive ever been two had a excellent few days there.(seeing Muse helped)

and ive been to Japan, which was a totally awesome experiance, stayed all over the place from temples to 5 star hi-tech hotels too typical Japanese hotels...
amazing country and the people are great and funny!


Hall of Fame Member
Got to be honest, I find the act of travelling very tedious and I find staying away from home in rented accomodation for any length of time a chore.

Ive been fortunate to live in a number of different places but I always turn down going somewhere for a week or two.

Ill live anywhere and have my piece of the place but apart from that Ill only do over night stop overs as the act of touring is something I find a terrible effort.


Request Your Custom Title Now!
Big trips :

Central Australia for 2 weeks as a 16 yo on a school excursion. A hoot.

Sth Africa 1995 - 3 weeks all expenses paid, business/ 1st class air fares, 5 star accommodation - best holiday I've ever had, and dare say ever will.

Sth America 1996 - as above, did Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia 7 Peru. Fascinating stuff for a history buff, especially the Inca stuff. Just shaded by SA as an experience for mine.

Cook Islands 10 days 1999 - great spot, especially Aitutaki lagoon.

Fiji 10 days 2001 - contra deal by a client - she & hber hubby owned the island we stayed at. Amazing place - never been more relaxed than on that trip.

Did a work trip to the UK in 2003 for 10 days - just London then drove/ ferried to Ireland to play golf. Loved it, want to see more.

I really want to travel Europe extensively, but with 6 year old tiwns, I think it will be a while. Italy's my dream destination, specifically Tuscany.


International Vice-Captain
I recently went to Egypt and Kenya. The Kenya portion of the trip was unfortunately cut short due to the political troubles there, but what I saw was amazing and I'd love to be able to go back there again. It was without a doubt the friendliest country I've been to.

Some of my pics from the trip are here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/das_a


Hall of Fame Member
I recently went to Egypt and Kenya. The Kenya portion of the trip was unfortunately cut short due to the political troubles there, but what I saw was amazing and I'd love to be able to go back there again. It was without a doubt the friendliest country I've been to.

Some of my pics from the trip are here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/das_a
Well Done !! I am jealous.


I recently went to Egypt and Kenya. The Kenya portion of the trip was unfortunately cut short due to the political troubles there, but what I saw was amazing and I'd love to be able to go back there again. It was without a doubt the friendliest country I've been to.

Some of my pics from the trip are here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/das_a
Brilliant photos.

China and Japan are on my wishlist. Not really interested in cities, landmarks anymore, more nature, exploring, roadtrips etc.


International Captain
paris - didn't feel the vibe
barcelona - too hot
nice - nice beach
monaco - lovely friendly casino
venice - very enjoyable
florence - take an umbrella!
rome - a must see
naples - spewed at the ferry terminal after a rough nights drinking the previous evening in rome
greek island corfu - fun fun fun.
athens - overrated
gallipoli - very moving
istanbul - awesome city imo
sofia - lovely accomodation
tirana - ****hole. omg lol. so very crappy
dubrovnik - pretty interesting place, although i won't forget to round of food poisoning that quickly
budapest - not bad. still jaded from food poisoning incident. was taken advantage of whilst on the bus into budapest whilst attempting to recover (all nails, yes fingers and toes, painted pink whilst i slept).
bratislava - would have liked to have stayed longer
vienna - hmm. not bad.
prague - awesome city also
munich - beer halls are fun
lauterbrunnen - stunning scenery that i cracked a stiffy over
amsterdam - *** shows were pretty dam entertaining

london - not bad
manchester - ****ty
edinburgh - lovely
st. augustus - wonderful
near dumfries (in the forest) - awesome
liverpool - hmm
cardiff - boring
brighton - pretty gay, lol

ireland - awesome


wanna see tibet or scandanavia next ftr


State Vice-Captain
Travelled a bit, some of my favs :

- Dunn River Falls, Jamaica.

- Fort on St.Kitts with views of both Atlantic and Caribbean.

- Pitons on St.Lucia, 2 volcanic mountains on edge of sea

- Cruise on river Rhine, Germany

- Night cruise on Danube, Budapest

- Excellent views on top of Mt.Pilatus, Switzerland

- Stonehenge, England

- Versailles Palace, France

- Colosseum, Rome

In my view, natural beauty beats man-made, everytime


International Coach
Bit like Goughy in that i've not got that much of a travelling bug (though that coming from him, the guy who's lived in half the world, is a bit odd at first). Quite a fair few of my friends have done the whole see the world for 9 months after uni thing, couldnt understand why i didnt want to go.

Whereas i'd love to see many a place, i'd rather have a 2 week holiday and head home, need my home comforts, dont like being in a place that isnt mine, without access to my stuff, for too long.


International Coach
They love him there, in the peoples hearts he's no 2 only to Norman Wisdom