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Tony Greig RIP


Global Moderator
Former England Captain and Channel 9 commentator Tony Greig has passed away after being diagnosed with lung cancer.
Wow. That's a real shock, far quicker than I expected. RIP.


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Felt like he was commentating till very recently, this is quite surprising.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Very sad news. A great servant of the game.
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International 12th Man
RIP....like him or loathe him he definitely brought some new dimensions to the game of cricket


Global Moderator
Absolutely terrible news. I never thought his illness would become this bad that quickly.

He will be missed. RIP.

Crazy Sam

International 12th Man
Particularly bad for his younger children. I was hoping we might get to see him against in Sydney so it's a bit of a shock it's happened so quickly.


International Vice-Captain
Oh man. And Bill Lawry to commentate his last match next week, will be a much more cringeworthy commentary team next summer, whichever channel shows the cricket, that is.


wow what a terrible shock...
We'll never see Tendulkar bat in odis again,and now we'll never listen to the manwhose commentary made his innings even more exciting to watch.
RIP... he will be dearly missed
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**** I'm flat. Absolutely shattered.

Summer won't be the same. A pioneer on and off the field, RIP.


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Ridiculously sad news. Can't believe how quickly that happened. Wasn't he diagnosed just 2-3 months ago?


Global Moderator
Just a horrible feeling. Fixture of mine and probably most other cricket fans' summers for as long as I can remember.