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Three of the Best


You'll Never Walk Alone
Just wondering what some of your memorable performances for the CW XI or your Dev. League side are? Im sure Vimes will have many quality, lightning-speed knocks for us :)

This can be your debut game, or even your last game... or even a team-mate`s valuable innings.

Mine to come...

Mr Mxyzptlk

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Having seen every ball of every single Dev League game and CW XI game...

Memorable moments...

1. 123.6 Goff to Camps, FOUR, Liam Camps has reached his maiden FC CENTURY!!
2. 40.5 Ntini to Goff, one run, That was a very risky single, but they got it and Goff fittingly hits the winning run. He grabs a stump and punches the air dramatically. The Cricket Web XI are on their way to the World Cup final, to face either the West Indies or defending champions, Australia.
3. Sanders to Ntini, OUT!, caught by Camps in the gully and that's it! The CW XI claims its first ever Test win, beating South Africa by an innings and 173 runs.

Memorable performances...

1. Eric Loveland Heath scoring 24 off 70 balls and the CW XI came up 11 runs short in the Natwest Final.
2. Marc Robbins' World Cup inspiration. 220 runs in 5 innings to lift the CW XI after Nichanigate and a disappointing defeat.
3. Håkon Mørk 161 off 536 balls against Cricket Web Blue, of a total of 380. The next best scores were 54 and 35. Also notable that Mørk scored 90 in the second innings, off 250 balls.

Many many more memories, but those are the ones that come to mind right away. Some fantastic innings in particular make the short list though.


You'll Never Walk Alone
(1) My debut game for the Blues. It was a one-dayer against the Veterans XI. I took a dream 2/34 off my 10 getting the wickets of the great Sir Vivian Richards and Jonty Rhodes. It was a quality bowling line-up with fellow pacers Kennett and Broadbent and then the spin of Halsey. They were all out for 213 and we got the total within 43 overs with 6 wicket to spare. Mad win.

(2) In Season 7, our tour match against Sri Lanka. Although missing Vaas, Murali and Jayasuriya this team was very strong with the likes of Sangakkara, Atapattu, Jayawardene, Zoysa and an in-form Malinga.

We batted first getting 329, Simon got a century and I made 4* :) . Sri Lanka then made 305 and I took 4/76 getting Jayawardene, Samaraweera, Kalu and Chandana! We batted again with Simon and Dylan smacking quick centuries. With their great work and some other solid innings, we got a quick 345/2 declared. The Lankans were then rolled for 179 as I took the attractive figures of 3/33 nabbing Sangakkara, Jayawardene (again :) ) and Fernando. We won by 190 runs :D

(3) The 5D final against England 'A'. England looked strong with the likes of Ward, Troughton, Bell, Pieterson, Smith, Blackwell, Read, Cork, Silverwood, Tremlett and Saggers!!
Due to injuries our line-up was somewhat depleted. We had newcomer Kenny, then Peter, Stuey, Simon, Craig, Popat, Dylan, Rich, my good mates Daniel and Halsey and myself.

They chose to bat and after being bowled for 223, they rather wished they hadnt :happy: . I took 3/45, the three chosen ones being Troughton, Blackwell and Saggers. Mahaffey took 2/32. Our turn to bat, and we made a good 350, Craig contributing with 122. We then had England 214/8 and were ready to go home, when the unthinkable happened. Pieterson and Tremlett put on 212-run stand for the ninth wicket! England made their way to a huge 464 as I took 5/69 including the interfering Tremlett :@.

We now needed 338 for victory. Craig made a huge 101 and Sudeep made a composed 63. I came in, with my best friend Daniel at the other end as we toiled our way to a 15-run last wicket partnership and a one-wicket win! Daniel made 19* off 63 and I stayed firm making 3* off 23. A brilliant win, one that will go down in CW Blue history. Craig, Daniel and I took a stump each and celebrated well into the night.


International Debutant
Very tough...

In no specific order:

1. 11th of May, 2004. CW Red vs Veterans XI - FC (Season 6)

CW Red 482 a.o - Jagaways 116, Craig 95, Dave 61, Daniel Muhaffy 50, CEL Ambrose 3/74, PCR Tufnell 3/84.
Vet XI 248 a.o - ME Waugh 47, Vishnu Reddy 2/38, Yaju Arya 2/50. Dave 2/82, Daniel Muhaffy 2/22
Vet XI 193 a.o - ME Waugh 50, Vishnu Reddy 3/26, Yaju Arya 3/26, Dave 3/55.

Cricket Web Red won by an innings and 41 runs

Man of the match: Dave
Comment: Couldn't of been a sweeter game, personally, and from the team point of view. The win was large, over what was a fairly strong opposition in the Veterans XI. I also think it was my first 4D MotM award, plus my first and only ever FC 50, like a certain GD McGrath, I hold that as one of my best games.

2. 6th of May, 2004 - CW Red vs NZ 'A' - OD (Season 6)

NEW ZEALAND 'A' 59 20.3 overs (James Marshall 20, Dave 6/35, Vishnu Reddy 2/22)
CRICKET WEB RED 60/0 13.0 overs (Jagaways 31*, Craig 26*)

Cricket Web Red won by 10 wickets

Man of the match: Dave
Comments: Undoubtedly one of the biggest 1D wins I've been a part of in my short CW career. Vishnu and I dismantled the NZ batting lineup having them on the canvas at 59 a.o. Our batters had no problem racking that total up in 13 overs and the game was ours. Can't say much more, the scorecard tells the whole story!

3. 20th of December, 2004 - CW 'A' vs CW XI - OD

CW XI 235 a.o - Ian Markus 69, Liam Camps 36*, Chris Law 3/42, Nathan Hoy 3/39, Xavier Rose 3/56.
CW 'A' 2/239 - Alex Feeney 105*, Craig Walsh 70, Eclipse Moon 46*, Chris Broadbent 1/35.

CW 'A' won by 8 wickets.

Comments: My first game as on field captain of any CW side. Against one of the top ODI teams in the world, was a pretty big task we had in front of us. But the boys didn't fail. Couldn't be happier about the result from our point of view, even thought my game was poor at best (1/39), it's the team that worked together and got us the win. Cheers blokes.


International 12th Man
Not going to get into any big details over these as am too busy packing my suitcase but here they are.

My Debut test
7-22 against South Africa in an ODI
My Latest test (Every test cap is cherished)
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Magrat Garlick

Global Moderator

1) Carrying bat to 121 not out off 349 balls as the team crawled to an eight-run first innings deficit against Sri Lanka, when no one else hit more than 27.
2) Already described by Liam: 161 off 536 balls against Cricket Web Blue, of a total of 380. The next best scores were 54 and 35. Also notable that Mørk scored 90 in the second innings, off 250 balls.
3) Third Test against Sri Lanka. Being down and out, having been outplayed by a second-string Lankan attack, we win by 322 runs.

OD experiences? What's a one-day game?

Neil Pickup

Cricket Web Moderator
* World Cup Final - first and foremost the disappointment, but also my personal return
* Six-fer (?) against India
* OD Final as Black skipper last year - chasing down 370 is something else.


International Vice-Captain
my 10 for in the match really stands out i think

Getting 2 90's in a row in my two first first class games

then finally cracking the 100 mark in first class cricket

Mr. P

International Vice-Captain
The start of my Dev career.

The World Cup...team efforts...

The World Cup...my efforts...was very happy with my career at the time...


International Debutant
1.leading blacks to the od title in last seasons final, 1-39 off 7. the rr for the innings was near 8! then 97* off 80 balls
2.callup to the CWXI
3.my first fc century


Hall of Fame Member
In no order.

Passing 90 in my score of 98
My first FC wicket at Grace Road
Wearing the gloves for Greens for the first time.