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Thread Closures/Moderator Complaints

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Neil Pickup

Cricket Web Moderator
It won't have escaped the notice of many members that this afternoon has seen some of the most idiotic, banal and downright pathetic postings in the history of the forums.

Things like this are bound to happen as a site grows, and as an isolated incident in itself something like this doesn't really bother us. What does, however, is the use of this situation by other long-standing members to make snipes at the moderators.

Comments such as "I have no problems with the conduct of moderators such as Top Cat, James, Rich2001 and Mr Mxyzptlk" leave nobody in any doubt about the motives and thoughts of the poster.

It's interesting that these comments have only come out now and have not been raised independently with the moderators/administrators at other times. If you disagree with our decisions as we run the forums, we're all available to contact through e-mail or MSN messenger and the Report Post button.

Saving up complaints like this only makes it look like there is a lack of confidence in speaking up independently.

The Ganguly thread was shut due to this comment "u **** dont be such a decent ***** ******* come bring your mother here i'll **** her ***** hahaha.....". There had already been three or four follow-up posts to this, so deletion would have meant these had to go as well, and no doubt led to accusations of sweeping under the carpet from some quarters.

The Warne/Murali/ICC awards duplicate threads were shut because of 1) duplication from the original ICC awards, in agreement with the majority of other forum members and due to the following comment "What I have a problem with is the attitude of the white world towards this." - which is racist. Yes, it works both ways.

Thank you

The CricketWeb Team
Not open for further replies.