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This World Cup is great


Whatever it takes!!!
Wow.. some twist in the end. Stars do seem to align for Pak to repeat 1992. NZ in semis and Eng in finals potentially. Also no hope of last 4 finish but somehow make it at the last min.


Hall of Fame Member
Yeah you can't even use your Members tix to get into a ground for a game and have to buy them like the great unwashed. And they're not cheap. I wasn't going to shell out $180 per ticket for a seat at a ground I'm a member of when I can watch the game at home. Not because I couldn't but I think it's bull**** you pay a couple of grand a year to be a member and then have to shell out on top. **** that.

**** the ICC

**** England.
Yeah not allowing members tickets to be used is ridiculous. On top of that, the tickets have been really really expensive


U19 Captain
On the whole it's been an excellent world cup.

The issue with many World Cups is that the longer it goes on the worse the pitches tend to get.

The latter matches are played on old piches that generally become slower and lower and its been the same in this one.

This doesn't necessarily reduce the excitement as low scoring games can be very good but it can loose something as a spectacle.


U19 12th Man
Yeah it's been great fun.

I hope the final match is played through without any/many rain disruptions but the forecast isn't looking good at the moment. Would be a shame to end it based on DLS calculations.