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The "What song are you listening to?" thread II


Norwood's on Fire
Aerosmith - Dream On

Been meaning to check out their early stuff for years, seems as they were just a big influence on GNR and to extent the Crue, but their filthy filthy 90s music put me off. Started reading Slash's book last night and he talked up their early stuff again, so am youtubing it. Actually know this one through Eminem (:shy:), just checking out a few tunes on utoob.

If they impress me sufficiently tonight I may bu Rocks, thoguht you'd all like to know


International Coach
Modest Mouse - Tiny City Made of Ashes

Loving the bass line of this tune, good video of them playing it live, with a close up or Marr. WAG.


Norwood's on Fire
sp@m = b@n IMO

Guns N' Roses - Yesterdays (Live in Vegas)
feel like I get an addition to my collection in the post every day, ebay ftw


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Have to admit I haven't heard it yet. Didn't think much of their second album. The new single is alright though.