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The Tigers: Bangladesh News, Selection, Fanboying and Fury


International Coach
Absolutely. Tamim was cavalier and graceful because of his balance and timing but it was nothing like this. The finishing position on that first drive should be turned into a sculpture.

EDIT: Actually nah, Ashraful was more graceful. He was a joy to watch for the 45 minutes max he ever lasted at the crease.
He played that similar shot to Starc iirc


State Captain
You'd be thinking of Taskin then.
Looked a bit further and it appears he was reported in our domestic league banned from bowling his slower ball

However, left-arm spinner Rezaul Karim has been allowed to bowl all deliveries except his arm ball, while pace bowler Mohammad Saifuddin is not allowed to bowl his slower delivery.
If they bowl the illegal variations, the umpire can rule it as a no-ball, according to the committee’s decision.


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Everything about this is funny to me. From Shakib being a brand ambassador for some ceramics company (what a natural fit; an international cricketer and ceramics) to the predictable and cringey word-play about "all-round performance", to the guy wishing success and prosperity to a private company. It's a wonderful piece of nonsense.


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Ripon Mondol in good form for Bangladesh U/19s against Afghanistan U/19s. All three of the quick bowlers I've looked at so far are very front-on, which I don't think is ideal because you have to be an outstanding athlete to generate pace with that sort of action. But he does get some movement. Wasn't able to discern whether it's swing or seam movement because of the grainy footage. His pace is ok without being eye catching.

Update: Watched a bit more of him and it's definitely swing.


Ashikur Zaman actually caught my eye more because of his height, and superior pace. Hits the pitch pretty hard as well and generates more pace than Ripon from what I could tell. He was rotated for the third one.

The spinner Naimur Rohman seems to have done most of the damage so far. We don't really need another slow left-armer, but here he is anyway. His action reminds me very much of Venkatapathy Raju. He seems to put a decent number of revs on it and gets it to do a bit through the air, and he also got a lot of turn from a helpful wicket.

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Alright, I just had a look at some of the footage from Aich Mollah's century in the third YODI and I'm very impressed by what I saw. He's a classic Deshi batsman of short stature who relies on touch and timing for his runs. Think Ashraful/Aftab Ahmed. He looked a cut above all his teammates and played with a class and poise that stood out. He's very balanced at the crease and showed good footwork, and most impressively, scored his runs all around the wicket on both front and backfoot. There was one beautifully timed cut shot off a slow bowler that I'd identify as the highlight of the innings. Most notably, he made his 108 off 130 balls on a pitch that was very helpful for spin bowling, on a glacially slow outfield, amidst a whole host of batsmen on both teams who struggled to score above a strike rate of 30. He started slowly before accelerating later and demonstrated an already well developed ability to work his wrists to manoeuvre the ball and rotate the strike, along with some slog sweeps and other big shots.

A breath of fresh air, having seen successive generations of young Bangladeshi batsmen come into the senior team knowingly only how to play big shots and predictably failing to do so against top class bowling.

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