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The Sol Bar: New Zealand Cricket Randomness


Hall of Fame Member
You know, some place to talk about the cricket without having to slap your dick on the table and have a measuring contest.

Ho hypotheticals about past situations that have already happened and passed us all by.



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We can have a constructive discussion about international cricket without it devolving into rampant nationalism, exaggerated personality stereotypes and logically-devoid argument.



Not Terrible
And who doesn't look fondly on the days where Tim McIntosh was our number one opener.

And the dark days before Watling.

And the happy days when Ryder's drinking was what made him so lovable



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I thought of Munro while I was watching Flynn go ballistic today. Flynn's execution was superb. I want Munro to borrow a tape of that inning and model himself on it.

Never knew that Flynn could be so good. wonderful shot over extra cover.

Two years ago Flynn would try those shots for the blackcaps and they wouldn't come off.
I've been reading for a while and I really can't stand anymore..what is your issue with Munro? He scored 66 not, and you wanted him dropped. He then went on to piece together 33 off 16, and not a lick of praise. Then he knocked up 28* off 13 or so , and he's a poor man's Flynn.

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