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The Records and Milestones thread


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Wow so with the aid of test spam an English batsman only needs 105 runs per match to break the record.


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Damn, why are we going to the UAE? I thought we were touring Pakistan
You're supposed to play 7 T20Is and 3 tests in Pakistan from what I know. If Hasan Ali still has a career at the end of the year I'll be very disappointed.

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If you actually playfully count Root's contribution of 31 & 142* and 175 runs in total for the match he actually kind of passed Yousuf's yearly record tally of most runs since his 737 runs in this series counts in the 175 made from this match.

No dice,I know but makes you wonder


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Not a record - but is this correct? Aus-Sa Brisbane shortest decisive test (balls bowled) since 1935?

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Babar Azam now the first Pakistani batsman to score a half century in 8 consecutive test matches.

Mushtaq Mohammad & Misbah-Ul-Haq (x3) achieved it for Pakistan in 7.


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Whats the record for consecutive sub-200 innings by a team? post WW1 obviously
England in India in 2021 could have been 7 successive sub 200 innings but England scored 205 in one innings. 5 of them were successive sub 200 scores though.