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The Records and Milestones thread

Shady Slim

Cricketer Of The Year
I've read articles saying kids born in certain months are more successful in certain sports because they are bigger/faster than those who might be 8 or 9 months younger and more likely to be picked in rep teams from a young age and start on the path to success. For example, in NZ for a lot of sports a kid who is born in January one year could play in a lower grade (and dominate it) than his/her friend born in December. I don't know if a similar phenomenon has happened in this case, but if England uses different months for grading due to northern hemisphere seasons.
yeah it's a trite fact of sport science that kids born in the earlier months are disproportionately represented at upper echelons of contact sports:
wonder if that holds for cricket too bc if so the chances are even longer than one in eight hundred given the skew

edit: yep there has been relative age effect documented in cricket as well so that makes it even wilder


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So what's Simon Harmer's chance of getting to 1000 First Class wickets? He's on 780 at the current time (having twelve wickets in the match so far against Hampshire). He's 33 right now, has 61 wickets this year, took 73 last year and 99 in 2019 (2020 being disrupted with only six matches).

I think he's in with a great shot, provided that Rob Key doesn't do something galaxy brained with the County fixtures for the time being.


International Captain
Broad, being such a good bowler, is unlucky to be at the receiving end of most runs in an over in two formats, tests and t20I. Good that he doesn't play odis anymore.


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lol, that was a record which was going to be broken sooner than later... but, by a 6-averaging bat against a pacer with 550 wickets? And by such a great margin?

To be clear though the record is broken by just 1 run. Bumrah scored 29 off the bat (other 6 were extras) beating Lara who scored 28 once.

Darwin Award

Cricket Spectator
Most centuries scored against India:

1.Joe Root- 9
2.Sobers- 8

If/when Smith scores 2 more centuries against India he'll probably be the first cricketer to hit 10 centuries against 2 nations (11 currently against England)
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this is kinda funny, how he already caught lightning in a bottle once and now again and still averages 37 in tests lmao

(edit: most runs in a calendar year by someone batting at five or below - his current season is 10th)
True enough, his average was a healthy 41.27 at the end of 2016, but after the Boxing Day test last year it'd fallen as low as 33.49, so he's clawed a fair bit back already.