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The Records and Milestones thread


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He was possibly the most reliable batsman on the sticky wickets of early days. And the fastest scoring batsman as well. Always bats through the innings. Has hit some boundaries in his distinguished career but not sure if he has ever hit a six. Would be alive and contributing for ever. Truly a gun.

aussie tragic

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James Andersen could soon join a very elite club with 1000 runs, 100 wkts and 100 catches.

Sobers, Kallis and Botham are members as genuine allrounders, Carl Hooper and Shane Warne are the only other 2.

Andersen needs 5 catches but may be dropped/retired before he gets there?


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West Indies with the 5th highest successful run chase and highest ever in Asia. Kyle Mayers becomes the sixth person to score a double hundred on debut.
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1000 runs and 100 wickets is pointless. Tilted in favour of bowling all rounders. Such all rounder records make sense only when the ratio of runs to wicket is 25 to 30.
.. Especially when you play test cricket for England,a country which churns out 11-14 test matches each year.That gives that particular player ample amounts of innings + fielding sessions to attain that.If you're healthy and retain your place in the team it'll almost come as default.

Bit harder for players representing their countries for 15 years that can still barely register 100 tests cumulative and only have 2 test series on offer whilst England & Australia get their 5 every 2nd year or so.


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There's some interesting stats about Mayers's innings in this article, but it's very carelessly written/edited:

- "0 Previous Instances of teams successfully chasing a target of 395 or more in Asia in the fourth innings of a Test" - bit of a silly way to say "this is the highest ever run chase in Asia".

- " This is only the second time two debutants have added more than 200 runs in this history of Test cricket. The only pair to have added more runs were Khalid Ibadulla and Abdul Kadir when they added 249 against Australia in Karachi in 1964. It has been 55 years since a pair of debutants added 200 or more." - the last sentence is just repeating what it's already told us (and still gets it slightly wrong, the Ibadulla-Kadir partnership being 56-and-a-third years ago).

- "Mayers' unbeaten 210 was also by far the highest score by a debutant in the fourth innings of a Test. Only eight players have achieved this feat before." - what feat? Judging by the list, it means "have scored a hundred in the fourth innings of their debut Test".

- " Since the start of 2019 there have been four instance in which a left-handed batsmen playing at No.5 has helped his team chase a 300-plus score in the fourth innings" - links to an unhelpful list of all 4th innings by left-handed no.5 batsmen, regardless of the target or the result.