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The Quarter Finals


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England look like they haven’t got off the bus yet. They’ll want to wake up sharpish here or they’ll be in all sorts.


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How did Aus not win the penalty at that scrum?
'Cause both tightheads were going forward, hence the wheel.

Often a wheeling scrum is a penalty to the attacking side so it's not exactly clear.

Can this thread not be a detailed breakdown of every decision that isn't a call in Australia's favour?


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Ps my pirate eye patch is well and truly om this morning. Anyone in the E2 postcode will hear incoherent yelling at the tv.

Pocock with first ruck steal. Garces going to let ot all go it seems!


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Is it unreasoble to suggest Faz's place kicking is a little better when he's yet to be lamped in the face by a lock forward?


Jonny!! You beautiful bandy legged thing, you.

Apologies to Alfredo my cat who I've just spooked by screaming "yes!" somewhat indecorously.