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The Presser - The Official Media and Press Room of the CWCA


International Debutant
The CricketWeb Cricket Assosciation will use this space for all official announcements, presentations, press-conferences, interviews and general media/press related business.

Representatives of the press will be informed when media conferences are to be held.


International Debutant
Members of the press, please be informed CWCA Vice-President Dick Biggs will be holding a press conference shortly, to address the rumours doing the rounds in Silly Point this morning.


International Debutant
DB: Good morning ladies and gentlemen of the press.
This morning, Tuesday September 4th, a story was printed by the CWC-related publication Silly Point, relating to the naming of our inaugural first-class competition.
I have no knowledge of where Silly Point obtained the story, but I can indeed confirm that the First-Class competition the CWCA is launching will be contested for the Craig Walsh Shield. This competition is named in honour of the late Craig Walsh, a valued and sorely missed member of the cricket community here in Cricket Web. Craig was keenly involved in domestic cricket in Cricket Web almost from its outset, and it is a great honour to carry on his legacy with the naming of this shield.

I can also at this point reveal our One-Day competition will be contested for the Fardin Qayyumi Trophy. This trophy is named after the late Fardin Qayyumi, aka Bob, who was a vibrant part of the CricketWeb landscape, and who many say could have acheieved great heights as a cricketer in the real world. Again, the CWCA is honoured to be able to honour the legacy of these lost CricketWeb greats.

I will now open up the floor to any questions, after which the conference will conclude.
Thank you for your time.
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International Debutant
The CWCA officially confirms they will field 3 teams in the first season of a 6 team domestic cricket league.

The captains of these CWCA teams will be as follows;
JD Hurricane (Hurricane) - with DB Wayne (rvd619323) as vice captain
J Howe (Howe_zat) - with P Spark (Spark) as vice captain
S Delev (Johnners) - with A Sharma (Daemon) as vice captain

Further team and league details will be released shortly.