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The Photography Thread

Line and Length

International 12th Man
A marble or some agate?
I will also say that it's some kind of marble
It's actually a close-up of the detail on a table-top. An artist paints abstract works on the tables and it is then covered with a clear resin to protect it. This, and other tables, was in a restaurant at a winery/gallery in Margaret River. Colourful and effective.


International Coach
^^ What a beautiful picture this is. The contrast between those two colors is eye-popping. You managed to get nice light on it as well.


I can't believe I ate the whole thing
Anyone recommend an image hosting platform that isn't flickr and doesn't put a huge **** off watermark on everything?

Preferably free.


Global Moderator
You could drop the shutter speed really low plus use a tripod to make that water seem blurry
Yeah I have a bunch of photos like that from this trip but I didn't like any of them. Didn't take a tripod with me or any ND filters so I was stuck with just taking 1/8s shots at most and those were boring. In 2018 I did take those things though, and took a bunch of photos like that:

**** this waterfall was rough to get to though.