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The Perfect Cricketer


International Captain
This is a game that involves naming aspects of players that they pull off unusually well in a quest to build the 'perfect' cricketer. For instance,

The perfect cricketer would have........the conversion rate of Stephen Fleming
An outswinger like Shane Watson
The concentration of Shahid Afridi

Obviously these aren't true, but you get the idea.

Only one aspect per post, please!

I'll start proceedings:
The perfect cricketer would have.......The hook shot of Viv Richards


International Captain
There was only one cricketer who can be called perfect relative to the other cricketers in history - Garfield Sobers.


International Captain
Warney's legbreak
Kumble's flipper
Murali's offbreak and doosra
Andy Robert's bouncer
Imran Khan's indipper
Waqar's toe-crunching yorker
Akram's swing,variety,....whatever. whole arsenal!
Subhash Gupte's accuracy
Ambrose's bounce
Marshall's slipperyness
Holding's action
Akhtar's pace
Bishen Bedi's loop
Walsh's inswinger
Lillee's outswinger
McGrath's temperament

Think i got the perfect bowler down pat !
:p :D
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International Captain
Neil Pickup said:
Shoaib's Slowie...
havn't seen Shoaib's slowie...but from what i've seen, Walsh had the best slowie of all- those who've seen both Walsh and Shoaib's slowie, care to comment ?


Hall of Fame Member
Warne's bouncebackability. Caught being a *** pest? Do it again! What are the chances of being caught twice? Need to get back on that horse...