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The Olympics wasn't ****


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Must admit I came into this thing as a grumpy ****, why were we spending all this money, no-one cares about these silly comps.

Yet I've been totally bowled over from the incredible opening ceremony, I punched the air when Murray won, I've been thrilled when the poshos pick up gold, I've been energised by Mo picking up front pages in papers that traditionally would hate him, it's been incredible, kids are playing comparing themselves to athletes rather than x-factor morons and towie *****.

I've lived for years with dickheads from the BNP and EDL claiming patriotism for themselves, yet we've really made us proud, we've jumped up and we've screamed for victory, because they're all one of our own, Mo loves us coz we accepted him, and many people gave up cash to make him commence. Brilliant, he deserve SPOTY.

Shakespeare, Dickens, Hardy. all classical love resides with us, except music obvs

People may not get our humour, they may think we're retrogade in achievements, but we showed them we're proud in the opening ceremony, we invented most of the modern technology, and we deserve to be feted, but we deserve all immigrants who live with us to be celebrated just as hard, it's what we do, and I love us for...


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Yeah, it's been pretty well organized. Kudos to everyone involved.

Sad that it is coming to a end now, as the timing was great for me this time and caught a huge amount of action in between moving houses.


International Captain
So, are we commenting on the closing ceremony here?

Basically a big pop concert with lots of props so far. The Pet Shop Boys back in the big pointy hats they were sporting in '93 and Ray Davies still has a fair voice ... unfortunately the Beeb caption people didn't appear to know who Emeli Sande was.

Going to be so odd to have normal news and TV programmes on again tomorrow.


Norwood's on Fire
If the Olympics can invoke a post from Grecian that I enjoyed reading then they must have been great.

and they ****ing have been


Evil Scotsman
Was quite disappointed after the 4 x 100 relay.

Took me a wee while to get into the Olympics and just as I was getting into it it was over.


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The Olympics are wonderful. In the lead up they're like a mainstream pop band - everyone wants to bag them and it's trendy to do so.

But they're brilliant to host. Best party ever. If your mind is even a smidgen open to them, you get swept up in them if your country or city hosts them.

Agent Nationaux

International Coach
The only thing I saw live was the US-Spain Basketball game and that too in the hospital. Don't have a TV or a TV licence so couldn't watch anything live. However the basketball final was very enjoyable.

Best moment for me was when Mo Farah won the second Gold. Also enjoyed watching the speedster Bolt leaving everyone in his trail.


International Debutant
Always feel a big sense of loss when these things come to a close. What am I going to do with my time now?

Has been amazing to be a part of - don't think I ever thought I'd actually be in a city hosting the Olympics. Yeah, there's been a few problems - ticketing obviously, I busted my gut trying to get tickets to some things but just couldn't - but overall it's been great.


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Yeah they were bloody great.

I'm not sure i enjoyed them so much because they were in London though I just think I forget how much I always get into them.

Certainly get more behind GB athletes and teams than I do for sports that I like and know more about, is just the immediate way in.
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Reckon it's been pretty mediocre this time round. Too much cheating and prima donna ****. If it wasn't for the brilliance of a select few athletes it wouldn't be worth talking about. Massive fan of the Olympics in general though.

Agent Nationaux

International Coach
The closing ceremony was pretty good except one or two things. London has done itself proud. Great games this time around.