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The Minnows & Problems Faced By Them

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Saif Ali Khan

Cricket Spectator
Unavailability of full time contracts for the cricketers of Associate or Affiliate nations is one of the major problems facing World Cricket.

The players cannot concentrate solely on playing cricket, as they cannot depend on the little salaries and match fees given by the cricket board. As a result they have to do other jobs to run their family. This accounts for their poor performance when facing the test playing nations.

How to solve this problem?

And what are the other problems faced by the minnows and their development and what are the ways to solve them?
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Do you think the BCCI should provide funding to the minnows Saif? And what about Papua New Guinea?


U19 Captain
Moderators turning a blind eye to all the crap by so called heavy weights. They will just say crap to increase their rating......If they do not like the thread they can shut up...... no one is begging for their crap

Who ever started this thread definitely has a valid point.....instead of talking crap lets discuss on topic or stay away from it
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