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The main reason I'm looking forward to this tournament


Cricketer Of The Year
Am quite enjoying the tournament, it's nice to see the big guns (SA, SL and India) all get beaten so early on, and even nicer to see England win a game for once.

I hope there are more pitches like the one we saw for the England game at the Wanderers, cricket is so much more enjoyable when the bowlers are able to test the batsmen.


Cricket, Lovely Cricket
I have watched all I could have till now. Enjoying it tremendously. You are not getting coverage, Zac? I don't notice you in the match threads at all.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
It's not on free to air TV here. My college has Foxtel so I've caught some of the games so far, but I'm going back home for the next two weeks (holidays) today, so will only have Cricinfo :(


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I'm loving the overlapping-matches system. Perfect way to counteract the tedium of the one-game-per-day system without throwing away TV money. If the first match looks a foregone conclusion, you can switch over and watch the start of the second.


Cricket, Lovely Cricket
It sucks when both games are good as currently though Sri Lanka will probably fold despite their depth.


Norwood's on Fire
Haven't seen loads of live action, but the games have been good. Just what ODIs needed I reckon.


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If you can get a job at my place of work in the right department, you could be in luck. But I'll make sure you don't...


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
I'm enjoying this tournament more than any since...well, the last Champions Trophy.


Global Moderator
I know the tournament gets a lot of slack as a money hungry venture only existing to fill the ICC coffers. That aisde, the past one was one of my favourite tournaments and the best thing about it is the lack of minnows.

However, the best thing about it will be the settling for now, hopefully, who is the number 1 side in the world (a fully fit India, IMO), how far Australia have fallen and generally seperating the boys from the men with a heap of congested sides that are pretty equal on paper. It comes at a great time where the cricket foodchain is a bit unclear and hopefully we'll see many questions answered.

Happy to be the only person in the world watching, tbh.
Well, we've learnt that India aren't in the best four ODI teams in the world... :ph34r: