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The last two WC finals show what odi cricket is about


U19 Cricketer
2019 cwc final an epic, thrilling encounter

2023 cwc final, had it's parts, had its moments, India scrambled to 240 and India pegged Australia back to 47-3 and head took it away with his attacking display, however for most parts it could have turned either way

However the last two WC finals show what odi cricket is about, classic odi cricket back in the 80s, 90s, parts of 00s where 250 is a good first innings total

The younger generation will now know what odi cricket is about

Showcased the romanticism, how entertaining and thrilling, exciting, tense odi cricket can be, tactical nous like how spinners set the field and was setting the batsman up for lbws
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International Captain
You make a pitch which give some balance between bat and ball, instead of the ever present, 6s and money generating batting favored tripe that has become standard in LO international cricket and you get tense, close, dramatic games...

Who could have thunk that?


Whatever it takes!!!
I think the tracks getting slower was good in Mumbai coz there is HUGE amount of help for bowlers with the new ball there, much more than in Ahmedabad (which in itself had pretty considerable help for the new ball). So in a way, the tracks being slow gave something to the sides batting first. The issue is the effect of dew after the first hour when batting second. If sides got themselves in a position where they were still in the game batting second after the first 10, it was definite advantage to the chasing side.

It was fun coz so many sides could not manage that, with this being the T20 gen.