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The Keats of Cricket


The artist formerly known as Monk
The Keats of Cricket

Had he ever enjoyed full fitness, and not died at such a tragically early age, Archie Jackson would surely have gone on to be one of the great batsmen.
Great piece. Such a tragic loss of cricket talent. Without doubt one of my favourite Australian cricketers. From all accounts he was more graceful batting than almost anyone. Graceful batsmen make the game for me.

It is not easy to be objective about heroes from the past, but David Frith is not given to hyperbole and, unlike me, has been fortunate enough to see some surviving footage, which moved him to describe the batting of the man to whom he gave the soubriquet "The Keats of Cricket" thus The casual elegance of his leg glances, the whalebone suppleness of his wrists as he steered the ball square and backward, the lightness of the footwork, the ballet-like inclination of the body as he cover-drove - the artistry, enhanced by a beguiling self-consciousness, burned an impression on my mind.
There is some footage of Jackson on this DVD...

Cricket Archives | DVD | ABC Shop

He plays a couple of the most exquisite late cuts through slips.